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2017 Nationale Rapid Schaakkampioenschappen - Top

Last update 17.12.2017 23:54:44, Creator/Last Upload: surinaamse schaakbond

Starting rank

1Sanches Casanova Romario8200211SUR2053CSV
2Lautan Shatish8200190SUR2034SCW
3Hanoeman Suradj8200173SUR2031Rukhmania
4Ramdat Tewarie John8200491SUR1888Rukhmania
5Chang Pierre8201030SUR1870Rukhmania
6Finkie Kelvin8201722SUR1564SCW
7Kalka Shiva8201749SUR1552Rukhmania
8Kalidjo Imaan8202478SUR1524SCW
9Bridjlal Krishan8202389SUR1460SCW
10Chashawa Shaief8201510SUR1384Rukhmania
11Kartodikromo Virgil8202508SUR1374CSV
12Nazir Justice8201773SUR1210HJP
13Kaise Oneal8201633SUR0SCW
14Sojo Stephan8202370SUR0SCW
15Tjong Tjin Joe Kaithlyn8201293SUR0FFM
16Wee Wee Nehemia8201692SUR0SCW