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Campionatul Judetean de sah pentru copii si juniori, Constanta 2010

Last update 28.03.2010 21:37:52, Creator/Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 12)

Player info

NameVoicu Cezar
Starting rank23
Rating national401
Rating international0
Performance rating949
Club/CityCs Victoria Techirghiol
Year of birth 1999


111-bye- --- 1
257ICovaci Mihai-Florin1704ROUCs Fc Callatis Mangalia4,0w 0
3812IIPena Petru-Alexandru1549ROUCs Fc Callatis Mangalia3,0s 0
4915ISalim Arzu587ROUCss Palatul Copiilor C-Ta3,0w 0
51021Zaharia Alexandru-Cristinel408ROUCs Victoria Techirghiol1,0w 1
6920IIIDragulin Adrian436ROUCs Victoria Techirghiol2,0s 1
746IRadulescu Vlad-Alexandru1761ROUCss Palatul Copiilor C-Ta4,5s 0