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Hart House Holidays Open 2018 U1000

Last update 18.12.2017 02:21:34, Creator: canada chess federation (licence 34),Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 23)

Starting rank

1Dib FirasCAN992ON
2Ruchinskaya ValerieCAN966On (Woodbridge)
3Libardo BenjohnCAN948On (Toronto)
4Stroganov ValeryCAN945On (Burlington)
5Granic LukaCAN943On (Etobicoke)
6Liao JodieCAN914On (Mississauga)
7Wang An Cheng2630044CAN902On (Newmarket)
8Lin HelenCAN864On (Toronto)
9Yao AlexandraCAN843BC
10Kheni KushCAN827On (Markham)
11Chi SarahCAN799On (Toronto)
12Li Neal NianCAN771On (Toronto)
13Bai KingsleyCAN770On (Toronto)
14Chen DailiangCAN770On (Toronto)
15Zhou ZhaojiaCAN769On (Newmarket)
16Glinnyi DanyloCAN761On (Mississauga)
17Fan EricCAN748On (Toronto)
18Wang Xiuqi (Arthur)CAN731On (Markham)
19Fan HaoranCAN726On (Thornhill)
20Lin BrentonCAN713On (Markham)
21Liu ZiCAN659On (Mississauga)
22Bergman MarkCAN639On (North York)
23Liao JocelynCAN506On (Mississauga)
24Sethi AryanCAN488On (Unionville)
25Ji SherwinCAN200On (Markham)
26Leclair LucCAN0
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