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Hart House Holidays Open 2018 U1300

Last update 18.12.2017 02:21:44, Creator: canada chess federation (licence 34),Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 23)

Starting rank

1Huang RichardCAN1298On (Markham)
2Macinnis BruceCAN1296On (Toronto)
3Sabadash MaksymCAN1290On (Toronto)
4Xu William2629542CAN1284On (Markham)
5Lin EthanCAN1256On (Vaughan)
6Shi QiCAN1230On (Richmond Hill)
7Ling BrandonCAN1212On (Toronto)
8Pishdad M. HassanCAN1198On (Richmond Hill)
9Wang AndrewCAN1198On (Oakville)
10Surya DaniaCAN1173On (Mississauga)
11Yuan DanielCAN1169On (Scarborough)
12Qiu JamesCAN1156On (Toronto)
13Narlidis YiannisCAN1147ON
14Wang Zhixing (Daniel)CAN1140On (Toronto)
15Vellanki Naga SindhujaCAN1128On (Toronto)
16Yuan Hao Chao (Henry)CAN1122On (Markham)
17Chen AlinaCAN1114On (Mississauga)
18Hughes HenryCAN1103On (Guelph)
19Stroganov VictorCAN1091On (Toronto)
20Vera Jesus2606470CAN1089On (Toronto)
21Tran DennisCAN1072On (Toronto)
22Tuong RoseCAN1046On (Toronto)
23Wang Nathan ZianCAN1041On (Toronto)
24Lai JettCAN1023On (Toronto)
25Singh HarpreetCAN1004On (Oakville)
26Ksenych DrewCAN978On (Toronto)
27Xu XingeCAN959On (Richmond Hill)
28Souchko LarissaCAN932ON
29Li GabrielCAN920On (Toronto)
30Hay John2629046CAN907On (Mississauga)
31Ksenych AlexzCAN905On (Toronto)
32Cheraghi AliCAN0
33Kasztenny AdamCAN0
34Shahid M. SalmanCAN0
35Smolkin Ben (Gabriel)CAN0On (Toronto)
36Zhong Helious HuaCAN0On (Scarborough)
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