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Hart House Holidays Open 2018 U1600

Last update 18.12.2017 02:21:06, Creator: canada chess federation (licence 34),Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 23)

Starting rank

1Karra Raja Ravi KiranCAN1541On (Ottawa)
2Saltat MichaelCAN1503On (Toronto)
3Metcalfe Drew2622548CAN1500On (Ottawa)
4Jeyakumar Bhavatharshan2619148CAN1492On (Scarborough)
5Atkins AndrewCAN1483On (Toronto)
6Bartha EmerichCAN1481Sk (Saskatoon)
7Yuen Noah NathanielCAN1479On (Richmond Hill)
8Gao William (Zhimao)2629437CAN1470On (Toronto)
9Gillis Doug2604361CAN1466On (Aurora)
10Chen Derek2629410CAN1465On (Mississauga)
11Mesiti Silvano2628678CAN1448On (Toronto)
12Chen JohnCAN1421On (Toronto)
13Guo Haotong Hazel2618974CAN1419On (Markham)
14Lu Lucas Yunkun2629470CAN1403On (North York)
15Wang Eric2629518CAN1401On (Toronto)
16Locham DivjotCAN1397On (Windsor)
17Hua MichelleCAN1392On (Waterdown)
18Ma AndrewCAN1375On (Richmond Hill)
19Mourgelas James2613816CAN1365On (Toronto)
20Schyngera EliCAN1362On (Toronto)
21Liu AaronCAN1361On (Markham)
22Moore JonathanCAN1361On (Toronto)
23Li WingCAN1350On (Toronto)
24Kalmanson EvgenyCAN1346On (Mississauga)
25Xiang Christopher2629534CAN1341On (Mississauga)
26Ai AmyCAN1337On (Markham)
27Zhang Henry XianruiCAN1328On (Toronto)
28Sztuka JeremyCAN1327On (Smith Falls)
29Chen AndrewCAN1319On (Richmond Hill)
30Khakimov KarimCAN1312On (Aurora)
31Lin AngelaCAN1278On (Toronto)
32Liao YilinCAN1266On (Richmond Hill)
33Bercovici MarkCAN1261On (Toronto)
34Gao LucyCAN1237On (Scarborough)
35Archibald Colin B.2613468CAN1230On (Scarborough)
36Yang Brett2630222CAN1219On (Mississauga)
37Dong YiweiCAN1216On (Toronto)
38Adhvaryu JayCAN0On (Toronto)
39Espiritu Jiro PoloCAN0
40Kasztenny AdamCAN0ON
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