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Hart House Holidays Open 2018 U1900

Last update 18.12.2017 02:20:40, Creator: canada chess federation (licence 34),Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 23)

Starting rank

1Ranola Alberto5220920CAN1881On (Hamilton)
2Dervishyan Arsen2626314CAN1840On (North York)
3Hsu TedCAN1839On (Kingston)
4Shah Omaray M.2605732CAN1799On (Toronto)
5Singh Malhar2628686CAN1789On (Oakville)
6Nakagawa Seiji2622432CAN1769On (Mississauga)
7Itkin Victor2617153CAN1765On (Richmond Hill)
8Ali Shafkat2613441CAN1763On (Toronto)
9Huang Youhe2629445CAN1754On (Thornhill)
10O'sullivan Patrick2621789CAN1751On (Holland Landing)
11Armstrong Robert J.2605791CAN1711On (Toronto)
12Liu Harry2628589CAN1704On (Markham)
13Zhao Jeffrey R.2627450CAN1704On (Toronto)
14Zhou Joey (Junhe)2630303CAN1694On (Oakville)
15Chang Martin2629232CAN1693On (Toronto)
16Li Justin2620871CAN1691On (Scarborough)
17Sharpe Michael D.2613204CAN1686On (Toronto)
18Gao Raymond2629429CAN1679On (Toronto)
19Corrie MichaelCAN1669On (Don Mills)
20Rusonik GregCAN1644On (Thornhill)
21Liu Harrison (Hangchen)2628570CAN1632On (Oakville)
22Liu Henry2628597CAN1621On (Mississauga)
23Robertson Kole2527175CAN1614On (Barrie)
24Ma Yue RanCAN1613On (Toronto)
25Guntoori Bhargava2629178CAN1612On (Brantford)
26Gryn MaksymCAN1609On (Toronto)
27Wilker Marcus2616629CAN1609On (Toronto)
28Cabioc Jose2613506CAN1576On (Brampton)
29Li Kevin YunhongCAN1565On (Toronto)
30Kurkowski Ken2613719CAN1547On (Toronto)
31Shen Isamel2619024CAN1521On (Markham)
32Xie Austin2623919CAN1508On (Markham)
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