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Hart House Holidays Open 2017 U2200

Last update 18.12.2017 18:31:53, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 34)

Starting rank

1Javidfard Amirsalar12507466CAN2176On (North York)
2Ishow Younan7601727CAN2113Fo (Syria)
3Xu Ruoying8603707CAN2110On (Markham)
4Lin Benjamin2619954CAN2073On (Toronto)
5England Max2622602CAN2071On (Toronto)
6Alakov SergeyCAN2064On (Toronto)
7Li Eric M2626934CAN2026On (Lasalle)
8Chen Max2622440CAN2019On (Toronto)
9Colvin Andrew2621517CAN2014On (Cookstown)
10Rusonik Max2619253CAN2005On (Thornhill)
11Jiang Brian2627922CAN2003On (Vaughan)
12Mendoza Armand Jess2621509CAN1995On (Willowdale)
13Ning Eric2625407CAN1932On (Markham)
14Feng Richard2618621CAN1899On (Toronto)
15Papneja Arul2626136CAN1878Ab (Calgary)
16Zhao Jeffrey Renfei2628651CAN1850On (Markham)
17Kilroy Evan2627167CAN1835On (North Bay)
18He Emma2627299CAN1832On (Toronto)
19Liao Joseph2626772CAN1829ON
20Uthayakumar Ronan2623773CAN1812On (Guelph)
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