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Sri Lanka Open Chess Championship

Last update 30.03.2010 14:46:14, Creator/Last Upload: srilankachess

Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1IMKarthikeyan P2403IND 91b1 48w1 31b1 23w1 8b1 5w1 4b½ 6w1 3b½8,057,045,043,0
2Krishna C R G2197IND147b1 62w1 7b1 12w1 3b½ 6w½ 10b1 8w1 4b½7,556,545,540,0
3Haribalu V2215IND164w1 83b1 11w1 27b1 2w½ 4w½ 30b1 5b1 1w½7,556,045,040,0
4Arun Karthik R2317IND 51w½114b1 38w1 42b1 9w1 3b½ 1w½ 15b1 2w½7,056,044,036,5
5Russell M K A2272SRI134b1 65w1 13b1 10w1 24b1 1b0 23w1 3w0 20b17,054,543,039,0
6Sanjay N2310IND144w1 92b1 89b1 20w1 2b½ 40w1 1b0 9w17,053,041,536,5
7Kuruwitage Yasas Kalana1912SRI101w1116b1 2w0138b1 46w½ 89b1 21w½ 23b1 27w17,048,037,034,0
8WFMRamya Krishna I2154IND136w1 90b1 22w1 57b1 1w0 12b1 27w1 2b0 11w½6,553,542,037,5
9Shanmuganathan T R2091IND 97b1 95w1 43b½ 32w1 4b0 37w1 63b1 18w1 6b06,552,040,535,5
10Perera L N1982SRI 85w1179b1 74w1 5b0 49w1 22b1 2w0 24b1 12w½6,550,541,035,5
11Subasinghe K R V R1876SRI118b1 70w1 3b0 77w1 26b½ 54w1 41b½ 30w1 8b½6,550,539,033,5
12Jayasundara P K U M1943SRI140b1 55w1109b1 2b0 82w1 8w0 74b1 39w1 10b½6,550,039,034,5
13Shakya Rabindra1918NEP195b1 77w1 5w0 46b0 97w1116b+ 65b1 14w½ 40b16,549,038,031,0
14Wijesinghe D D2092SRI126w1 53b1 57w0 59b½ 66w1 52b1 45w½ 13b½ 22w16,547,537,532,5
15Perera W C C1942SRI154w1 39b0 93w1 78b1 90w1 28b½ 25w1 4w0 52b16,547,537,033,0
16Chandrarathne W S N1918SRI183w1 67b1 56w1 27b0 38w½ 47w1 41b16,547,039,032,0
17Pieris T D R2083SRI 93w1 79b1 24w0 62b1 22w0112b1 33w½ 90b1 45w16,546,536,531,5
18De Silva Osheen1930SRI 64w1 89b0120w1 98b1 59w1 25b½ 28w1 9b0 44w16,546,035,533,0
19Danushka M A N1937SRI161b1 67w1 56b0 81w1 65b1 30w0 59w1 44b½ 38w16,545,536,033,0
20Wijekoon Chandana1961SRI 61b1 47w1 32b½ 39w1 6b0 26w1 34b½ 42w1 5w06,052,540,534,0
21Mallawarachchi T S2029SRI115b1107w½ 36b1 32w1 7b½ 29w½ 31b½6,052,041,031,5
22Senanayaka P D1867SRI133b1 66w1 8b0 70w1 17b1 10w0 62b1 63w1 14b06,050,039,533,0
23Bhagya Viman1992SRI159b1 98w1 35b1 1b0 57w1 58w1 5b0 7w0 62b16,050,039,034,0
24Herath H M L Y1837SRI170b1 26w1 17b1 28b1 5w0 63w0 69b1 10w0 67b16,049,539,534,0
25Barve Saurabh2046IND120b1 81w1 49b1 56w1 41b0 18w½ 15b0 48w1 29b½6,049,539,034,5
26Rathnayake M.A.A.H.0SRI191b+ 24b0 55w1 74b1 11w½ 20b0 76w1 57b½ 58w16,049,538,029,5
27Tennakoon I L K1972SRI184b1151w1 58b1 3w0 71b1 16w1 8b0 34w1 7b06,048,539,535,0
28Anuruddha G C2148SRI146b1 80w1 94b1 24w0 43b1 15w½ 18b0 32w½ 65b16,048,038,533,0
29Anjali Palande1929IND143b1 46w1 39b½ 43w0 92w1 44b½107w1 21b½ 25w½6,047,037,532,0
30Fonseka C K D2000SRI111w1109b0174w1107b1 94w1 19b1 3w0 11b0 80w16,047,036,532,0
31Amarasena Kaveesha1921SRI168b1138w1 1w0 47b½ 38w½119b1 36w1 40b½ 21w½6,047,036,031,0
32Seneviratne Binura1711SRI121w1145b1 20w½ 9b0174w1 21b0 73w1 28b½ 60w16,045,536,030,5
33Egodage Keshan1787SRI123b1 68w1 41b½ 40w0108b½ 91w1 17b½ 67w½ 75b16,045,034,530,5
34Kulasekara Kashapa D M T1870SRI 38w0150b1111w1 73b1 89w½ 46b1 20w½ 27b0 64w16,044,535,030,0
35Prabajith Asela1820SRI108w1139b1 23w0 61b1 63b0 39w0134b1 70w1 66b16,042,533,029,0
36Kodithuwakku Gihan1596SRI175b1 41w0123b1 21w0140b1 68w1 31b0108w1 63b16,041,533,028,0
37Ranasinghe C N1785SRI152w1174b½110w½ 38b½100w1 9b0 89w1 60b½ 68w16,041,532,029,5
38Lamahewa C0SRI 34b1 52w1 4b0 37w½ 31b½ 78w1 16b½ 43w1 19b05,554,042,030,0
39Bandara A J K D0SRI 54b1 15w1 29w½ 20b0 42w½ 35b1 57w1 12b0 49w½5,552,040,530,5
40Hapuarachchi H L M2020SRI132b1 76w1 33b1 41w1 6b0 31w½ 13w05,550,039,533,5
41Tandukar Naveen2022NEP186w1 36b1 33w½ 44b1 25w1 40b0 11w½ 45b½ 16w05,548,541,034,0
42Wettasinha Vasanta1822SRI193b+ 69w½103b1 4w0 39b½ 77w1 93b1 20b0 46w½5,548,036,530,0
43Sandhya G1852IND150w1 88b1 9w½ 29b1 28w0 60b½ 56w½ 38b0 89w15,547,537,531,0
44Premanath Dinushki1810SRI106b1 72w½ 69b1 41w0102b1 29w½108b1 19w½ 18b05,547,537,031,0
45Kethalawala J K C1927SRI104w1119b1 89w0112b1 53w1 14b½ 41w½ 17b05,546,536,032,5
46Bandara A J S D0SRI113w1 29b0187b1 13w1 7b½ 34w0 71b½ 74w1 42b½5,546,037,028,5
47Alahakoon AMC0SRI137w1 20b0124b1 31w½ 60w0 96b1 51w1 16b0 94w15,545,535,527,0
48Basnayake I U1685SRI176w1 1b0 64w0 75b½ 87w1115b1 92w1 25b0 96w15,544,033,525,0
49Ranasinghe S D1831SRI 86b1187w1 25w0 91b1 10b0 67w½ 64b½116w1 39b½5,543,535,029,0
50Amarasinghe A A C B1943SRI103w0100b1 97w1109w1 58b0 56b0 54w1112b1 55w½5,543,534,026,5
51Galagamaarachchi A S0SRI 4b½ 71w0 96b0141w1 99b1 72w1 47b0113w1 90w15,543,533,022,5
52Ajit Singh1835IND117w1 38b0159w1 66b½115w1 14w0138b1 56b1 15w05,543,033,529,0
53Jayawardhana W A S H1679SRI125b1 14w0168b1 68w1 45b0108w0 85b1 61w½ 93b15,542,533,027,0
54Viththiyatharan S0SRI 39w0182b1116w1 79b½135w1 11b0 50b0 91w1 95w15,541,533,026,0
55Aluvihare Shakila0SRI162w1 12b0 26b0123w1110b0130w1125b1 71w1 50b½5,541,031,524,5
56Ariyawansa Pubudu0SRI165b1 63w1 19w1 25b0 16b0 50w1 43b½ 52w0 57w½5,048,039,030,0
57Jayasoma H B G T1855SRI102b1124w1 14b1 8w0 23b0 81w1 39b0 26w½ 56b½5,048,038,029,5
58Aktar M R1801SRI 75w1158b1 27w0 64b1 50w1 23b0 60w½ 26b05,047,537,030,5
59Selvaratnam Navodya1686SRI 96w1 72b1 14w½ 18b0114w1 19b0 93w½ 61b½5,047,537,028,0
60Wijesundara Charith0SRI -0102w½ 86b1118w1 47b1 43w½ 58b½ 37w½ 32b05,047,037,026,5
61Jayaweera C L0SRI 20w0137b1 83w1 35w0 80b½ 79b½ 82w1 53b½ 59w½5,046,036,524,0
62Perera A K N A1646SRI173w1 2b0101w1 17w0159b1104b1 22w0 88b1 23w05,046,035,527,0
63Koggala W S V K1969SRI182w1 56b0136w1 95b1 35w1 24b1 9w0 22b0 36w05,045,537,031,0
64Karunathilaka H M I S0SRI 18b0156w1 48b1 58w0 95w1 90b½ 49w½107b+ 34b05,045,535,525,5
65Rajapakse R M T C1674SRI142w1 5b0104w1110b1 19w0136b1 13w0 77b1 28w05,045,535,028,0
66De Silva Udara Sandesh0SRI131w1 22b0145w1 52w½ 14b0113b½100w1 83b1 35w05,045,035,026,0
67Amarathunga T0SRI177w1 19b0166w1 16w0139b1 49b½ 94w1 33b½ 24w05,044,035,027,0
68Thawalampola Banuka Neranjan0SRI167w1 33b0119w1 53b0 88w1 36b0135w1 81w1 37b05,044,035,026,0
69Senarath Kavindi0SRI135w1 42b½ 44w0 84b1 76w1 94b½ 24w0 95b½ 79w½5,044,034,527,5
70Dassanayake Kalani0SRI105w1 11b0128w1 22b0113w½100b½ 87w1 35b0127w15,044,033,524,5
71Vaidya Pratik1829IND114w½ 51b1112w½134b1 27w0 73b½ 46w½ 55b0120w15,043,033,526,5
72Subasinghe D D C H0SRI 84w1 44b½ 59w0115b0126w1 51b0103w1 92b1 76w½5,043,033,523,5
73Chankamie M K Tharusha0SRI 87b1 94w0129b1 34w0137b1 71w½ 32b0 86w½122b15,042,533,025,0
74Weerasooriya J M1727SRI148b1128w1 10b0 26w0146b1134w1 12w0 46b0117w15,042,032,527,0
75Perera B S0SRI 58b0149w1 95b0 48w½147b1 80w½151b1 78w1 33w05,041,532,023,0
76Tejaswini Sagar1614IND 96b½178w1 40b0158w1 69b0111w1 26b0101w1 72b½5,041,033,025,0
77Chandrasiri S A K0SRI122w1 13b0113w1 11b0162w1 42b0158b1 65w0110b15,041,031,525,0
78Hettige Chathuri1535SRI158w0117b1148w1 15w0143b1 38b0104w1 75b0114w15,041,031,024,0
79Kulupana P M1669SRI141b1 17w0118b½ 54w½111b½ 61w½140b½124w1 69b½5,040,530,524,0
80Karthik Reddy P1613IND172w1 28b0108w½114b½ 61w½ 75b½136w1110w1 30b05,040,031,025,0
81Jayaratne J P S S1491SRI181w1 25b0139w1 19b0150w1 57b0114w1 68b0121w15,039,531,025,0
82Lamawansa Yashmi1697SRI139w0170b1 85w1142b1 12b0 93w0 61b0115w1111b15,039,029,524,0
83Siriwardene Lahiru1706SRI171b1 3w0 61b0117w1 93b0148w1159b1 66w0132b15,039,028,523,0
84Akalanka Udara0SRI 72b0106w½141b1 69w0 86b1121w½110b0125w1108b15,038,530,021,0
85Jayalath Uvin V0SRI 10b0165w1 82b0156w1107w0155b1 53w0160b1112w15,038,529,521,0
86Mihiranga Yasiru0SRI 49w0135b½ 60w0180b1 84w0178b1105w1 73b½119w15,037,029,519,0
87Wijetunga Isitha Uvishka0SRI 73w0183b1 91b0133w1 48b0143w1 70b0159w1116b15,036,529,521,0
88De Silva R.I.G.0SRI160b1 43w0122b1 94w0 68b0175w1137b1 62w0124b15,036,028,024,0
89Bandara Danushka0SRI129b1 18w1 45b1 6w0 34b½ 7w0 37b0102w1 43b04,552,041,028,5
90Haputhanthri H U D B1690SRI130b1 8w0161b1153w1 15b0 64w½102b1 17w0 51b04,545,035,027,0
91Dissanayake D D M R P K0SRI 1w0152b1 87w1 49w0145b1 33b0113w½ 54b0141w14,544,533,022,5
92Deegala D A M Tharusha N K0SRI127b1 6w0 99w1 29b0142w1 48b0 72w0139b14,543,533,024,0
93Herath H M A K0SRI 17b0175w1 15b0187w1 83w1 82b1 42w0 59b½ 53w04,543,034,524,0
94Jayasinghe M A1858SRI185w1 73b1 28w0 88b1 30b0 69w½ 67b0140w1 47b04,542,535,027,0
95Jayasooriya I D G K1586SRI166w1 9b0 75w1 63w0 64b0127b1161w1 69w½ 54b04,542,032,524,0
96Rathnayake Nuwan Anurada0SRI 76w½ 59b0 51w1135b0149b1 47w0146b1138w1 48b04,540,031,521,5
97Herath H G Anuja Probodhana0SRI 9w0173b1 50b0175w1 13b0158w0130b1 99w½153b14,540,031,019,0
98Abeysekara Randika0SRI194w+ 23b0130w1 18w0114b0125w0174b1150b1100w½4,539,530,021,5
99Sewwandi Malsha0SRI112w½107b0126w1 92b0 51w0118w1111b½ 97b½136w14,539,030,019,0
100Weeraman Dulmi Raweena0SRI144b½ 50w0184b1103w1 37b0 70w½ 66b0134w1 98b½4,538,531,022,0
101Kulupana O I0SRI 7b0160w1 62b0105w0156b1129w½145b1 76b0152w14,538,528,519,0
102Madusanka K.T.N.0SRI 57w0 60b½180w1127b1 44w0135b1 90w0 89b0149b14,538,030,522,0
103Kariyapperuma Chami0SRI 50b1 42w0100b0121w0141w1 72b0177w1137b14,538,030,020,0
104Karunawardhana S I A0SRI 45b0189w1 65b0122w1109b1 62w0 78b0137w½155b14,536,530,521,0
105Wijetunga Pasindi Mekala0SRI 70b0118w0 -1101b1134w0149w½ 86b0146w1140b14,536,028,018,0
106Pathirage C.A.K.0SRI 44w0 84b½135w0188b1144b½109w0131b½145w1138b14,535,028,017,0
107Chathuri Karunanayake1635SRI 99w1 21b½ 30w0 85b1110w1 29b0 64w- -04,046,036,525,0
108Nawaratne Malithi0SRI 35b0163w1 80b½144w1 33w½ 53b1 44w0 36b0 84w04,045,536,524,0
109Muhandiram R M M U1547SRI153b1 30w1 12w0 50b0104w0106b1117w1 -0 -04,044,534,524,0
110Punchihewa K P G.0SRI190w+ 37b½ 65w0 55w1107b0 84w1 80b0 77w04,043,534,024,0
111Ithmal Dasan0SRI 30b0155w1 34b0129w1 79w½ 76b0 99w½128b1 82w04,043,033,520,0
112Abeysinghe W A M S Y0SRI 99b½188w1 71b½ 45w0148b1 17w0121b1 50w0 85b04,041,033,024,0
113Waidyathilaka P I0SRI 46b0143w1 77b0161w1 70b½ 66w½ 91b½ 51b0151w½4,041,032,020,5
114Nadeeshan W A Isuru0SRI 71b½ 4w0188b1 80w½ 98w1 59b0 81b0169w1 78b04,040,532,021,5
115Lenadora Dakshitha0SRI 21w0178b1 72w1 52b0 48w0129b½ 82b0160w14,040,532,020,0
116Chandrasiri P K0SRI189b1 7w0 54b0125w1153b1 13w-139w1 49b0 87w04,039,031,523,0
117Meddegoda M R P M0SRI 52b0 78w0167w1 83b0157b1131w1109b0151w1 74b04,039,030,518,0
118Kumarawansha H L0SRI 11w0105b1 79w½ 60b0127w0 99b0178w1174w1131b½4,039,030,017,0
119Batawala Nethmi0SRI156b1 45w0 68b0176w1130b1 31w0124b0142w1 86b04,038,530,022,0
120Herath H M A Y0SRI 25w0172b1 18b0137w0158b0166w1175b1129w1 71b04,038,029,017,0
121Premasiri Vimasha0SRI 32b0134w0149b½184w1103b1 84b½112w0126w1 81b04,037,029,518,5
122Wijethunga T Viraj0SRI 77b0195w+ 88w0104b0123w½167b1150w½154b1 73w04,037,029,018,0
123Perera N.A. Umendra Charuni0SRI 33w0167b1 36w0 55b0122b½147w½163w½135b½169b14,037,028,016,0
124Rathnayake Lakshika0SRI -1 57b0 47w0136b0179w1163b1119w1 79b0 88w04,036,529,021,0
125Ranasinghe Shalini0SRI 53w0136b0186w1116b0167w1 98b1 55w0 84b0163w14,035,028,517,0
126Haputhanthri H L N B0SRI 14b0141w½ 99b0178w1 72b0177w1153w½121b0166w14,035,026,016,5
127Zainab M Saumy0SRI 92w0185b1147b½102w0118b1 95w0142b½143w1 70b04,034,528,020,0
128Weerasinghe J.K.0SRI169w1 74b0 70b0143w0133b1140w0170b1111w0161b14,034,526,518,0
129Waidyathilaka S R0SRI 89w0154b1 73w0111b0183w1101b½115w½120b0159w14,034,027,517,5
130Ranasinghe D. B. M.0SRI 90w0164b1 98b0163w1119w0 55b0 97w0165b1167w14,034,026,017,0
131Wimalachandra R D M T S D0SRI 66b0133w1134b0169w1136w0117b0106w½179b1118w½4,033,526,518,0
132Hewapathirana Sansith0SRI 40w0166b0172w1162b0187b1137w0156b1158w+ 83w04,032,024,517,0
133Lindakumbura U L M W S A0SRI 22w0131b0157w1 87b0128w0160b0181w1180b1162w14,032,024,013,0
134Gamage N G D M0SRI 5w0121b1131w1 71w0105b1 74b0 35w0100b0142w½3,543,032,520,5
135Narampanawa Ishara1477SRI 69b0 86w½106b1 96w1 54b0102w0 68b0123w½148b½3,541,532,518,5
136Gunawardena Piyumi0SRI 8b0125w1 63b0124w1131b1 65w0 80b0153w½ 99b03,541,031,020,0
137Thaiba Badri Prasad0NEP 47b0 61w0154w1120b1 73w0132b1 88w0104b½103w03,540,531,518,0
138Chandrasekara C.M.L.R.B.0SRI157w1 31b0162w1 7w0142b½174b1 52w0 96b0106w03,540,030,022,5
139Rajapakshe Nuwanthi Dileka0SRI 82b1 35w0 81b0179b1 67w0144w1116b0 92w03,539,031,020,0
140Karunarathna A.G.S.K.0SRI 12w0162b0181w1165b1 36w0128b1 79w½ 94b0105w03,537,529,018,5
141Rathnasiri Keshika0SRI 79w0126b½ 84w0 51b0188w1103b0171b1147w1 91b03,536,529,514,0
142Rathnapala Janani0SRI 65b0146w1151b1 82w0138w½ 92b0127w½119b0134b½3,536,028,019,5
143Karunathilaka Maduka Chirantha0SRI 29w0113b0177w1128b1 78w0 87b0165w1127b0157b½3,536,027,516,5
144Bandara O.R.D.R.N.0SRI100w½ 6b0171w1108b0106w½139b0152w0176b1150w½3,536,026,516,5
145Weerasinghe Ryan0SRI149b1 32w0 66b0168w1 91w0150b½101w0106b0186w13,535,528,518,0
146Hansamali H.M. Samudrika0SRI 28w0142b0173w1166b1 74w0153b½ 96w0105b0174w+3,535,526,516,0
147Gunarathne Lohan0SRI 2w0176b1127w½174b0 75w0123b½155w½141b0177b13,535,525,516,0
148Premaratne Poornima0SRI 74w0169b1 78b0151w1112w0 83b0164w½163b½135w½3,535,027,017,0
149Bandara U.A.S.N.0SRI145w0 75b0121w½171b1 96w0105b½162w1152b½102w03,535,027,015,5
150Malhara W A Hansana0SRI 43b0 34w0189b1160w1 81b0145w½122b½ 98w0144b½3,534,528,017,0

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Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Fide Tie-Break