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LUDIKA 20171207 Blitz

Last update 08.12.2017 02:53:33, Creator/Last Upload: fecodaz

Starting rank

1FMBecerra Juan David4404998COL232810
2FMCorradine Jorge Ricardo4401182COL222110
3FMValle Efrain4401387COL219610
4Pinzon Jairo David4404386COL2192
5Perez Olarte Cesar Camilo4403290COL213910
6FMGarcia Alvaro4400330COL209910
7FMDominguez Rincon Miller4406583COL209310
8FMBolivar Jeison4404793COL205210
9CMMotta Leon Gerardo4425332COL199110
10Garcia Engels Vladimir4409566BOG198210
11Ramirez Buitrago Diego Mauric4415078COL185310
12Getiva Henry4449762COL185110
13Mosquera Ariday4432592COL175910
14Blanco JimenoCOL010