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Sul R 2017

Last update 07.12.2017 19:47:37, Creator/Last Upload: iraqi chess federation

Starting rank

1FMMohammed Zozek Salah Mohammed4803361IRQ2203
2Rawand Hamid Abdullah4803442IRQ2075
3Rawaz Omar Hama4806654IRQ1975
4Ahmed Jaza Jamal4808509IRQ1915
5Sarkawat Hamad Mohammed4807219IRQ1899
6Sheida Omar4803450IRQ1838
7Asaad Ismael Tawfeeq4804902IRQ1794
8Baxtyar Hama Salih Ahmed4807111IRQ1793
9San Taha Ali4804961IRQ1656
10Shkar Hamid Abdullah4805828IRQ1554
11Rawa Mahmood Ahmed4807200IRQ1543
12Bazhdar OmerIRQ0
13Miran Asaad Ismael4807243IRQ0
14Sarkar Omar Ali4813383IRQ0