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2018 Elevate My Chess Mississauga CYCC Qualifier - U12

Last update 26.02.2018 08:38:18, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 35)

Starting rank

1GAO Raymond1564802629429CAN15011709
2ZHANG Jonathan159881CAN01497
3LIU Henry1577202628597CAN14381485
4VO Andy1614062627884CAN11751483
5SRINIVAS Atharva1577212623900CAN12841470
6GAO William (Zhimao)1627752629437CAN01456
7WANG Andrew161729CAN01422
8CHEN Derek1566902629410CAN12581400
9RAN Xiaoyu (Charles)1575872629194CAN01375
10MUKHERJEE Pranoy1624482629984CAN01327
11WANG David (Ziye)1615562629500CAN01285
12HAN Richard165732CAN01272
13RAN Sean162720CAN01060
14KELKAR Ishaan163340CAN01051
15SHI Kevin1623852630010CAN01026
16MULRAINE M. Dominic16314230909023CAN0742