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2018 Elevate My Chess Mississauga CYCC Qualifier - U08

Last update 26.02.2018 08:38:07, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 35)

Starting rank

1GLINNYI Danylo161979CAN921
2WANG Xiuqi (Arthur)162689CAN840
3FENG Eric162423CAN790
4ZUO Roger164626CAN761
5WANG Jaden164581CAN571
6LIU Henry (Haichen)162134CAN524
7ZHU Jeremy164617CAN200
8Gao Heye166066CAN0
9Guan Isabelle0CAN0
10Huang Justin0CAN0
11Sharafutdinov Timur0CAN0
12WANG Yichen166078CAN0