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Dr.Hetenyi Geza Memorial GM Group B

Last update 22.12.2017 19:25:48, Creator: hungarian chess-federation (master),Last Upload: hungarian chess-federation licence 10

Starting rank list of players

7GMSedlak Nikola922900SRB2564
8GMGonda Laszlo720852HUN2507
10IMGalyas Miklos707244HUN2484
4IMBokros Albert710458HUN2478
2GMCzebe Attila705268HUN2469
3GMKosic Dragan900290MNE2454
9IMPaschall William2005379USA2379
5IMSredojevic Ivan929310SRB2376
6IMJakab Attila709727HUN2359
1FMMartini Balazs724157HUN2351