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Torneo Blitz Mateo Cordova Serie "A" ENA

Last update 09.12.2017 00:52:05, Creator/Last Upload: chessecuador

Starting rank

1Ruiz MishellENA2100C. Cesar Ruiz
2Huayamave SoeECU2003Ceila
3Santillan FernandoENA1835C. Cesar Ruiz
4Guevara JheremyENA1772C. Cesar Ruiz
5Ocampo BolivarENA1660C. Cesar Ruiz
6Santander NaidelyENA1617C. Cesar Ruiz
7Garcia MarceloENA1595C. Cesar Ruiz
8Arias TabataENA1569Pacifico C.
9Bravo CyleneENA1566Pacifico C.
10Calva DarienENA1522Pacifico C.
11Calva GenesysENA1461Pacifico C.
12Cruz NickECU1450Lago Agrio
13Guerrero MatiasENA1438Camilo G.
14Quinga EissacENA1413Pacifico C.
15Huayamave GelenyECU1253Ceila
16Cageca JosueENA1250Camilo G.
17OrdoƱez SarahiECU1230pacifico
18Alomaliza DavidECU1225Pacifico
19Malucin MiaENA1200Ceila
20Ronquillo WesleyECU1200Gallegos