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Cupa Sarbatorilor de Iarna - Tulcea U14

Last update 10.12.2017 16:59:25, Creator: sarighioleanu marius,Last Upload: jugaru lucian

Starting rank

1ISarighioleanu Sebastian-Laurent1244582ROU1785Acs Logic Delta
2CMNedelcu Teodor-Cosmin1246305ROU1777Clubul De Sah Orizont 64 Brail
3IIDumbrava Victor-Andrei1259482ROU1479Clubul De Sah Orizont 64 Brail
4IILeonte Sebastian-Marian1268767ROU1291Acs Logic Delta
5IIChiriac Andrei-Cosmin1260839ROU1268Clubul De Sah Orizont 64 Brail
6IIPlingu Andreea-Zina1268317ROU1192Acs Logic Delta
7IIIorgoveanu Constantin1275453ROU1055Acs Logic Delta
8IVPanait Robert-Florentin1274457ROU1049Acs Logic Delta