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9th CSC London Chess Classic FIDE Open

Last update 10.12.2017 00:38:47, Creator/Last Upload: chessinschools

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Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk. NameRtg1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.Rd
GMSargissian Gabriel2672106w1 61b1 19w½ 35b½ 38w1 8b½ 80w1 13b1 11w1
GMMelkumyan Hrant2633188w1 87b1 46w1 29b1 14w1 16b½ 11w1 5b½ 4w½
GMMaze Sebastien2614108b1 63w1 34b½ 39w½ 41b1 31w1 9b½ 15w1 22b1
GMMotylev Alexander2675244b1 83w1 79b½ 34w½ 49b1 18w½ 32b1 25w1 2b½
GMNabaty Tamir2657137w1 43b½ 70w1 48b½ 51w1 30b1 16w1 2w½ 8b½
GMGrandelius Nils2647139w1 85b½118w1 36w1 31b½159b1 13w½ 9w½ 29b1
GMCornette Matthieu2606165w1 64b1 20w1 30b½ 19w1 11b0 35w1 14b½ 33w1
GMDonchenko Alexander2569190b1 65w1 47b½ 40w1 54b1 1w½ 29b½ 18w1 5w½
GMKotronias Vasilios2524142w1 89b1 55w½ 22b½ 42w1106b1 3w½ 6b½ 40w1
GMJones Gawain2654138b1 86w1 32b½ 81w1 16b0 23w½ 54b½ 84w1 47b1
GMHawkins Jonathan2579166b1114w1 21b1 28w½ 79b1 7w1 2b0 16w1 1b0
GMVishnu Prasanna V2536140w1 67b0106w0149b1139w1 90b1 52w½ 59b1 48w1
GMHandke Florian2526141b1 68w1 36b½113w½ 56b1 34w1 6b½ 1w0 49b1
IMNihal Sarin2507168b1 90w1 49b1 56w1 2b0 47w1 24b½ 7w½ 23b½
IMStany G.A.2502169w1 92b0137w½163b1 96w1 57b1 19w1 3b0 50w1
GMVakhidov Jahongir2500192w1 69b1 57w1159b1 10w1 2w½ 5b0 11b0 51w1
GMGormally Daniel W2477194w1116b1 67w½ 55b½ 22w0 69b1 53w½ 82b1 52w1
IMHambleton Aman2474195w1 70b½ 75w½ 68b1 85w1 4b½ 50w1 8b0 55w1
IMBartholomew John2448173b1 99w1 1b½ 93w1 7b0 65w1 15b0 60w1 54b1
GMWells Peter K2441175b1123w1 7b0115w1 84b0 91w1114b½ 63w1 58b1
GMCherniaev Alexander2436146w1 76b1 11w0 89b1106w0 95b1 44w1 51b½ 67w1
WGMVo Thi Kim Phung2380202b1132w½103b1 9w½ 17b1 28w1 25b½ 24w1 3w0
FMGumularz Szymon2376150w1133b1 29w0121b1 27w½ 10b½ 30w1 38b1 14w½
GMMoussard Jules2576189w1 44b1 48w½ 38b½ 53w1 33b1 14w½ 22b0 35w½
GMLe Roux Jean-Pierre2560109w1 88b½120w1 51b½ 55w1 48b1 22w½ 4b0 36w½
GMMikhalevski Victor2545167b1 66w1 81b½ 54w0101b1 58w1 36b½ 29w½ 37b½
GMFernandez Daniel H2500191b1115w1 54b½ 84w½ 23b½113w1 37b½ 49w½ 41b½
GMFodor Tamas Jr2496193w1268b1 59w1 11b½ 30w½ 22b0 51w0121b1 85w1
GMHector Jonny2493171b1117w1 23b1 2w0 60b1 84w1 8w½ 26b½ 6w0
IMElsness Frode2477143b1 71w1 58b1 7w½ 28b½ 5w0 23b0 97w1 84b1
IMBilguun Sumiya2459221w1118b½ 98w1 82b1 6w½ 3b0 55w½ 61b½ 87w1
GMWilliams Simon K2453172w1119b1 10w½ 67b½ 87w½ 43b1 4w0118b1 42w½
IMCawdery Daniel2447261w1120b½122w1104b½ 67w1 24w0 86b1 39w1 7b0
IMDas Sayantan2442222w1 74b1 3w½ 4b½135w1 13b0 61w½ 43b½ 88w1
IMLadron De Guevara Pinto Paolo2422230b1162w½ 72b1 1w½ 65b½116w1 7b0114w1 24b½
Henderson De La Fuente Lance2419110b1129w1 13w½ 6b0 76w1 87b1 26w½ 42b½ 25b½
GMArkell Keith C2416111w½170b½139w½137b1 98w1 64b1 27w½ 67b½ 26w½
GMHansen Torbjorn R2408197b½260w1161b1 24w½ 1b0 92w1101b1 23w0 86b1
FMBaenziger Fabian2400245w1125b½124w1 3b½112w½118b½106w1 33b0 96w1
IMMunguntuul Batkhuyag2397149w1126b½125w1 8b0100w1148b1 45w1 9b0
Zujev Oleg2381201w½111b1126w½ 75b1 3w0160b1112w½108b1 27w½
IMKrishna Teja N2368151b0225w1164b1123w1 9b0 97w1 79b1 36w½ 32b½
FMPaterek Michal2315210b1 5w½104b0171w1128b1 32w0127b1 34w½105b1
Merriman John2263156b1 24w0143b1153w½105b½132w1 21b0129w1 79b1
IMBellaiche Anthony2499148b1 94w1 56b0 66w1113b½ 62w1 40b0 58w0106w1
GMHebden Mark L2445174b1100w1 2b0 92w0164b0150w1107b1122w½121b1
IMRaja Harshit2420196w1121b1 8w½112w½ 90b1 14b0 88w1 52b½ 10w0
GMSundararajan Kidambi2419147b1128w1 24b½ 5w½ 92b1 25w0 66b½ 68w1 12b0
IMHouska Jovanka2407198w1243b1 14w0 95b1 4w0119b1 89w1 27b½ 13w0
IMMartins David Pt2400199b1104w½162b½ 71w½ 99b1127w1 18b0 66w1 15b0
GMMcDonald Neil R2397246b½197w1127b1 25w½ 5b0115w1 28b1 21w½ 16b0
IMVan Delft Merijn2393200b½246w½138b1 96w½243b1104w1 12b½ 47w½ 17b0
IMMilliet Sophie2392178w1101b½ 97w1 24b0 93w1 17b½ 87b½ 73w½
Akash Pc Iyer2390267w1 77b1 27w½ 26b1 8w0112b½ 10w½ 98b1 19w0
FMSai Agni Jeevitesh J2384247b1105w1 9b½ 17w½ 25b0 94w1 31b½ 71w1 18b0
IMBates Richard A2378203w1131b1 45w1 14b0 13w0126b½118w½102b½130w1
FMGourlay Iain2378248b1134w1 16b0100w½161b1 15w0123b½101w1 65b½
FMSowray Peter J2357204w1135b1 30w0162b½124w1 26b0161w1 45b1 20w0
IMBeinoras Mindaugas2353223b1164w1 28b0101w0188b1129w½162b1 12w0122b1
IMQuillan Gary2344152w1151b1159w0126b1 29w0102b½125w1 19b0131w1
FMFenil Shah2324179b1 1w0108b1128w½103b1 79w½ 34b½ 31w½ 72b½
FMMurphy Conor E2313165w1 77b½162w1 45b0102w½135b½126w1
Ojas Kulkarni2278226w1 3b0140w1135b0189w1 78b½ 77w1 20b0133w1
FMPerez Flavio2276208b1 7w0168b1147w½130b1 37w0127b1
Soham Das2263228w1 8b0170w1158b1 35w½ 19b0133w1 80b½ 57w½
Ronka Erik2260157w1 26b0194w1 45b0170w1142b1 48w½ 50b0135w1
Globus Or2253181b1 12w1 17b½ 32w½ 33b0107w1 81b1 37w½ 21b0
Lercel Michal2244249w1 13b0221w1 18w0108b½137b1 78w1 48b0139w1
Blasco Coll Andreu2236211b1 16w0176b½195w1136b½ 17w0188b½141w1128b1
Guelsen Taylan2213214b1 18w½ 5b0176w½142b0151w1168b1132w½138b1
Venkataramanaraju Haribalu2205215w1 30b0245w1 50b½148w0190b1140w1 55b0147w1
FMHarley Andrew D2196217w½224b1 35w0174b½146w1165b1 61w½
Brooks Phil J2192252w1 79b0203w½177b1 81w0144b1148w1 53b½
Luncasu Raul-Ionut2191273b1 34w0199b1 80w0194b1147w½109b½149w1
Ilfeld Etan2186235w1 18b½ 41w0191b½143w½173b1158w1
Oyama Akito2185236b1 21w0246b½200w1 36b0173w½111b½143w1132b1
CMWoong Zhi Wei William2137275b1 54w0179b1 62w½ 93b½ 83w½ 63b0197w1113b1
Ongut Tamas Gunes2119288w+113w½ 84b0211w1 94b½ 63w½ 68b0212w1114b1
IMZhou Yang-Fan2459145b1 73w1 4w½ 88b1 11w0 61b½ 42w0160b1 44w0
IMKrishna Crg2421176b1101w½ 97b½ 94w½ 74b1117w1 1b0 65w½ -0
Arjun Kalyan2419177w1160b1 26w½ 10b0119w½ 73b1 67w0124b½100w½
Stauskas Lukas2349205b½200w1130b1 31w0127b0166w1128b1 17w0103b½
FMRadovanovic Jovica2320206w1 4b0188w1129b1159w0 77b½126w½130b½102w½
FMJackson James P2314207w1112b½ 78w1 27b½ 20w1 29b0159w1 10b0 30w0
FMDerakhshani Borna2298180b1 6w½132b½134w1 18b0101w0163b1123w1 28b0
Vignesh B2287225w1 10b0189w1133b½102w½131b1 33w0136b1 38w0
FMRisting Eivind Olav2279155b1 2w0166b1132w1 32b½ 36w0103b1 53w½ 31b0
Marzano Carlo2261229b1 25w½136b1 79w0107b½105w1 47b0104w1 34b0
FMRichardson John R2243209b1 9w0175b1 21w0167b1164w1 49b0105w0163b1
WIMYuan Yuanling2243182w1 14b0172w1242b1 47w0 12w0164b½147b½165w1
FMDuncan Chris R2242261w½139b½174w1 20b0165w0203b1164w1
FMBritton Richard L2239183w1 15w1112b0 46b1 48w0 38b0189w½140b½167w1
Barj Julien2226213w½201b1163w1 19b0 77w½ 53b0142w½189b1108w½
FMStigar Petter2214232w1 45b0196w1 80b½ 78w½ 55b0192w½142b1109w½
Semprun Martinez Fernando2205233b1242w½ 49w0168b1 21w0170b0205w1173b1
Megalios Konstantinos2203185w1159b0149w1 52b½ 15b0191w1129b½170w1 39b0
Hill Alistair2179219w½213b1 80w½ 53b0245w1 42b0193w1 30b0170b1
IMMozes Ervin2177205w1 31b0246w1 37b0222w1134b1 54w0111b½
Osborne Marcus E2175269w1 19b0151w½198b1 50w0147b0149w½207b1177w1
Brozel Sacha2168158w1 46b0152w1 57b½ 40b0111w½197b½145w1 81b½
Stanisz Patryk2150220w1 80b½ 53w½ 59b1 26w0 85b1 38w0 57b0180w1
Olson Hamish2146240b½274w1113b0206w1 86b½ 60w½ 62b½ 56w½ 83b½
Gayson Peter M2145256b1 22w0203b1 61w0224b1 87w0196b1 82w½
Hand Freddie2139187w1 50b½ 43w1 33w½ 52b0 88b0181w1
Paquico Rodriguez Ivan2137258w1 55b0216w½262b1 44w½ 88b0146w1 89b1 43w0
CMKwon Sehyun2117 1b0155w1 12b1114w1 21b1 9w0 39b0116w1 45b0
Bates Caspar J2112112w0226b½207w1216b1 88w½ 67b0 46w0225b1184w1
WIMGuo Emma2081 3w0157b1 61w0226b1 68w½242b+117b1 41w0 93b½
Compton Alistair2071 25b0230w0251b1154w1114b0179w1115b1 74w½ 94b½
Burke John1978 36w0220b½181w½158b½235w1161b½160w1
Lee Kyungseok1975 37b½ 41w0234w1118b0216w1100b½ 76w½125b1 98w½
GMIturrizaga Edoardo2665107b1 84w½ 92w1 47b½ 39b½ 54w½ 41b½ -0 -0
GMArakhamia-Grant Ketevan E2350262w1 78b½102w1 13b½ 45w½ 27b0124w½126b½ 77w0
FMLyell Mark2264227w1 11b0192w1106b0109w1135b1 20w½ 35b0 78w0
CMBremner Adam2231184w1 27b0146w1 20b0196w1 51b0109w0151b½183w1
Bukojemski Adam2224231b1 17w0169b1133w1 35b0136w½106b0140w½
FMLedger Dave J2209250w1 29b0177w½261b1147w1 80b0108w0192b1 -0
Kett Timothy J2204234b1 31w½ 6b0111w1153b1 39w½ 56b½ 32w0 -0
CMWillmoth Robert F2202251b1 32w0148b½197w1 81b½ 49w0143b½191w1 -0
WIMNavrotescu Andreea-Cristiana2193186b1 33w½ 25b0148w0185w1140b0200b0208w1197b1
Sumit Kumar2176263b1 47w0202b1 23w0143b½175w1199b1 28w0 46w0
Stone Andrew M2170274b½218w1 33b0151w½222b½221w1 46b½ 59w0
Pein Jonathan2165253w1 20b0183w1 42b0152w½177b1 57w½ 85b0148b½
Schut Han2161238w1 39b0204w1 58b0200w1113b½ 81w½ -0
McGowan Daniel2155265b1 39w½ 40b0205w½199b½153w1 60b0111w0200b1
FMVan Zyl-Rudd Jack2153255b1 40w½ 41b½ 60w0151b1 56w½ 83b½113w½ 62b0
Klingher Dominic2153219b1 51w0201b1 82w1 50b0 43w0194b1 64w0
IMMarusenko Petr2145266w1 48b0184w1 61b½ 43w0152b1 82w0195b1 69w0
Pedersen Carsten2144257w1 36b0250w1 83w0205b1 59b½ 96w½ 44b0157w½
Sedykh Mikhail2143286b1 82w0248b1 64w0230b1 83w½ 56b0
Stewart Ashley2135259b1 56w0183b1 86w0212b½199w1 60b0
Abrahams Daniel2130270w1 22b½ 85w½ 87b0158w1 44b0185w1 70b½ 76w0
Englisch Colya2128241b1 23w0180b1 86w½116b0227w1 65b0200w1 63b0
FMSmith Andrew P2126276w1 57b0235w1 85b0242w½215b1 98w0149b0201w1
Rocco Federico2120271b1 58w0230b1 63w1 34b0114w0183b1 62w½ 66b0
Voss Gunther2118239b1 88w0224b1 69w½116b½ 86w0154b½
FMDe Abreu Roberto N2110 5b0208w1 15b½ 37w0202b1 68w0204b0229w1199b1
Coote Trevor D2104 10w0228b1 52w0152b0213w½214b1247w1204b1 70w0
Russell Christopher2103 6b0156w1 37b½ 91w½ 12b0205w½223b1215w1 68b0
Jyothilal Narayanan2063 12b0210w1 63b0155w½262b1120w1 71b0 92w½116b½
Marentini Marcel2055 13w0184b0186w1183b0231w1207b½152w1 69b0204w1
Barton R Alan2052 9b0226w½184b1 70w1 66w0 93b½ 94w0202b1
Millward Kevin P2035 30w0185b1 44w0250b1121w½ 75b½119w½ 76b0206w1
Wilks Simon2022159w0252b½214w½215b0232w1184b1 73w0185b½218w1
Pollack Oscar2014 79w0235b0236w1185b0214w½213b1224w1100b0220w1
Riedener Toni1989 21b0263w1115b0210w1 72b0182w1105b0156w½212b1
Kim Jinsoo1986 48w0254b1268w1 64b½117b0 99w1 74b½ 90w½ 71b0
Bansal Rohan1971 45w0266b1119w½120b1 71b1 40w0 73b0123w½
Stoyanov Viktor1950 40b0286w1 96b0 12w0233b1244w1 99b½134w1 74b0
Everett Joe1922 23b0219w½160b0186w1 46b0217w½235b1192w1
De Coverly Roger D1921 42w1 60w0 99b½122b½126w0 70b0186w1115w½190b1
Damianou Ioannis1907 60b0276w1100b0138w1123b½128w0141b0256w1191b1
Rizzoli Aluna1899160w1 44b½118w0125b0167w½193b½194w1
Sarvesh Kumar A1877242b0244w½190w½109b0264w0237b1253w1172b1136w½
Sajjadi Kimiya1876 87w0106b0253w1140b½193w½169b1160w0174b½196w1
Lochte Szilvia1850 44w0139b0238w1170b0253w1192b0267w1146b½193w1
Siddharth Sabharishankar1837 66b0108w0286b1166w½175b0240w1176b1164w½129b½
Gu In Jung1664100b0173w1244b1 65w0132b0110w½246b1188w1 75b0
GMAbergel Thal2464144b1 96w1 60b1 16w0 83b1 6w0 84b0 -0 -0
WFMCaglar Sila2167264b1 81w0153b0150w1176b1 41w0155b1 79w0110b0
Cumming Rhys2162217b1 38w0247b1 57w0246w1 58b0110w½ -0
Ethelontis Alexandros N2154254w1 35b½ 50w½ 58w½ 62b0247b1 59w0 -0
WIMMaroroa Sue Y2111240w1 93b0 15w0178b1 85w0227b1 89w0
Mitra Roman C2100277w1 59b0 42w0225b1 46w1 89b0 90w½157b½ 91b0
Manole Stefan2081 7b0249w1 62b0203w1 91b1 72w0 90b0
CMColeman David J2076 11w0182b1 87w0157b½248w1 82b0203w½181b0225w1
FMKalaiyalahan Akshaya2067 26w0183b0220w1249b1 89w0153b½179w1 92b0
Peters Stephen G2050 14w0232b1 64w0214b1 95w0225b1 70w0184b0227w1
Johansson Toni2049 15b0211w½227b1116w0206b½155w0230b1
Yoon Jacob D2045 37w½ 65b0156w1 66b0226b1 95w1 96b0 97w0
Campos Chacon Marco2040 29w0215b½213w1 43b0224w0216b½184w0263b1231w1
Ditmas Hugh2004 32b0273w1 90b0230w½227b0211w½209b1154w0233b1
Kobas Mihael2001 19w0158b0263w1235b½228w1 76b½ 75w0239b1 95w0
Myall Ivan J2001 46w0231b1 72w½ 91b0185b0232w1155w½182b½
Busse Tom Niklas1996 20w0253b1 89w0269b½157w1121b0215w-228b1185w½
Skutta Bernd Dr1988 80w0238b1 69w½ 70b½160w0235b½157w0216b½232w1
Misyura Ilya1983 81b0237w1117b½ 73w0209b1123w0230w1 99b0
WFMFrank Tena1944 53b0187w½274b1243w0182b½163w0211b1183w0234b1
Marcos Herrero Francisco1897 61w0277b1 77w0189b0263w1109b0264w1167b0252w1
Newton Andrew1886 85w0267b1133w0190b½192w½189b0263w1221b1101b0
Ensmenger Hugo1829 67w0260b0255w1110b½221b0245w1166w1104b0
Gopakumar Siddharth1808 90b0166w0256b1178w½146b0201w½247b1174w½
Jain Gautam R1804 92b0167w1123b0141w1131w0198b1135w0178b1115b0
Mugalu Hassan1798115b0141w1128b0142w0266b1144w0171b1168w1107b0
Jacobs Robert1739 96b0143w0276b1145w1120b0174w1132b0144w½175b½
Islam Mohammed1731120w0221b0141b0238w1150b0266w1151b0260w+224w1
Perez Bolanos David1496104b0178b½248w0251w0274b½234w+228w½224b½247w+
Hebbes Tim2097 2b0229w1 83b0223w1 59w0201b1 69w½158b0 -0
Seymour Timothy P2072 24b0209w1 86b0179w1 63b0180w1 92b½ 93w0 -0
WFMNunn Petra2071 8w0154b½180w½204b1 71w0205b½151w0
Nettleton Charlie B2047 27w0250b0273w1232b1 75w½ 96b0206w1119b0152w0
Hagesaether Arne2046 16b0212w1114b0208w½180b½156w1 94b½117w0150b0
Iyengar Ilya2044 28b0231w½211b0218w1155b½229w1 97b0153w½156b0
Prior Stephen Cv2037 17b0233w1 66b0209w½208b1 74w0210b1127w0153b0
Gudenas Motiejus2023 18b0251w1 69b0207w½208b1128w0 -0
Boger Raymond1986 47b0264w1 94b0212w1115b0210w½241b1103w0155b0
Rice Chris B1969 38w½ 51b0217w1119b0235w½264b1100w½ 77b0120w0
Edwards Simon R1966 49b0265w½218b1 99w0230b½183w0229b½209w1 -0
Ifalore Michael1962 50w0257b1 74w0265b1125w½243b1121w0131b0137w0
Nelson Omowale A1949 52w½ 82b0252w1 76b0269w1124b0120w1133b0125w0
Sellmair Reinhard1936 41b½ 93w0240b1127w0244b½188w0182b½210w1134b0
Vachtfeidl Petr1934 22w0270b1121w0268b½137w0217b½216w½252b1142w0
Iraqui Youssef1932 56b0275w1 73b½103w0165b0250w1166b½ 91w0211b½
McKerracher Douglas1915 58b0259w1124b0190w0236b1137w1138w0141b0
Tobianski Fabian1909 82w½ 98b0239w1125b½129w0139b½190w½ 95b0217w½
Foster Timothy1893 83b0256w1102b0169w½191b0241w1143b0
Cole James1886 84b0271w½107b0274w1195b½141w½222b½ 99w0219b½
CMKim Changhoon1859 64w0137b0237w1192b½194w0219b1195w0120b0250b1
FMCrismann Alessandro Claudio1821 89w0189b0258w1194b½177w0220b1172w0198b0253w1
Neatherway A Philip1806 43w0140b0270w1146b0265w1196b½194w0201b0254w1
Tombolis Christopher1799 69w0169b½193w1 78b0247w0172b½178w0264b1203w½
Jekel Wolfgang1787268w0192b0277w1196b0275w1245b1131w½ 78b0146w0
Solli Oddvar1784 93b½ 97w0171b0266w½138b½145w0234w0267b1255w1
McAleenan Charles T1762 70w0144b½168w0145b½138w0240b½253b½257w1
Tivillier Jacques1751 71b0171w½222b½144w1134w0175b+139b0 -0
Selkirk Rebecca1747105b½107w0111b0171w½202b½176w½228w½
Mohnblatt Daniel1734 72b½161w0197b0271w1246b0202w½150b½223w½205b½
Zhao Haolin1715122b0198w0193b0256w1228b½248w1144b0
Lovell William Pm1688 97b½127w0150b½222w0223b½208w0248b1207w½
Lee Kyung Chan1552101b0110w½167b0227w0257b1209w0266b1226w1145b0
Miller Dominic2018 31b0186w1 68b0181w1122b0180w0 -0
Sielicki Tomasz2001 34b0215w½219b1122w½ 98b0207w½ -0 -0
Phillips Owen S1912 59w0188b0219w½269b1139w0217b½ -0
Mulay Partha1892 72w0241b1136w0171b1103w0145b0187w½186b0
Balaji Aaravamudhan1884 86b0 42b0264w1164w0234b1168w0265b1107w0166b0
Rushbrooke Remy1864 63b0107w½142b½108w0251b1170w0220b0235w½
Clancy Martin J1855114b0169w0220b1172w1133b0163w0168b0
Nyenhuis Yannek1847 65b0138w0255b½240w1173b0218w½187b½175w0216b½
Fernandez Aransay Fernand1838 88w0188b0254w½239b1261w½193b0198w½137b0236w½
CMHughes Anthony1810 35w0109b1135w0172b½198w½261b1130w0177b0169w0
Chilton James I1772116w0193b½174w0275b½141b0265w0259b1240w1171b0
De Paolis Fabrizio1763 94b0168w0259b1191w0144b0255w1174b0265w1176b0
Robinson James M1754 95w0194b0267w1245b0149w0238b½254w½237b1172w0
Fuglesang Michael W.1739118w0111b0225w0187b-213b1238b1178w0
Espinosa Cancino Monica1721 75b0145w1134b0173w½197b½176w½110b0150w0226b½
Cotter Len1700 76w0261b0145b0257w½267b1204w0256b0258w1229b½
Cheung Ryan1610243w0177b0208b0267w0258b1154w0276b1233w0266w1
Lee Chulwoo1607124b0176w0156b0186b0259w1233w½250b½234w0263b+
Volovich Julia1546136w0205b0229w0271b½251w1249b1173w0 -0
Haynes Noah1535102w½163b0201w0228b0254w1157b0214w½231b0264w+
Chatterjee Sagnik1336133w0262b½224w0249b1196w0206b0248w½
GMGallagher Joseph G.2446154w1 95b½ 90w0134b½108w- -0 -0 -0
Healey Michael W2163237b1 49w0178b1 52w0199w0 -0 -0 -0
WFMRysbayeva Aigerim2118 4w0154b½158w0254b1201w½149b0 -0 -0
Rogacewicz Mikolaj1961 39b0255w1 71b0233w1 97b0212w0181b0 -0
Midhun P U1956 51w½ 52b½ 76w½ 98b0217w1161b0158w0 -0 -0
Khalifa Ramy1939 55w0258b1161w0211b1162w0138b0182w0187b-
Shepherd Katherine M1929 57w0187b1130w0166b0252w½218b0219w0241b½
De Lagontrie Jean1823 68b0165b0257w1167w0252b½241w0239w0255b0 -1
Dunn Maxim W1757117b0191w1129b0143w0203b0238w½254b½208w0
Ainsworth George1734119w0195b0109w0187b1226w0239b0257b0270w1
Dias Savin1723 73b0144w½200b0249w½248b½202w0179b0
Thatte Nishchal1617123b0175w0155b0270w1156b0271w1154b0214w½209b0
Haddock Paul1576162b0147w0229b½244w0240b0257w1233b½250w½210b0
Rushbrooke Tibo1570126w0245b0228w½181b0232b0249w1213b0
Levy Christopher A1526103w0206b0182w0218b0270b1236w1152b0 -0
Perez Bolanos Joel1519129b0199w0249b0236b½220w0254b0271w1251w1214b0
Hung Dylan1400105b0247w0209b0263b0237w0270w1236b0271w1
Gunawardana Thivan M1397131w0204b0232w0264b0238b0 -1231w0271b½277w+
WFMGrigoryan Meri2044 38b0181w1 -0 -0 -0186b- -0
Munshi Aditya2001 33b0236w1 91b½117w0229b½230w0 -0 -0 -0
Obiamiwe Paul1910113b0241w½271b1105w0140w0 -0 -0 -0
Dror Levi1677121w0146b0173b0258w1179b0275w1180b0171w0238w-
Sheedy Shane1620160w0196b0225b0259w1154b1197w0179b0211w0240b-
Parry Jacques H1596125w0198b½199w0210b0231b1225w0232b0 -0
Lie Terje1527128b0148w0213b½184w0186b0220w0276w1237b0
Megias Eva0 54b0180w0233b0237b1236w0274w1156b0213w0 -0
FMCordes Hans-Joerg Dr2227212b1 28w0147b0202w½ -0 -0 -0 -0 -0
Chidi Lovinia Sylvia1676 99b0175w½200b0223w0 -0 -0 -0
Othman Wael1343132b0202w0210b0253b0279w½256w0258b0 -1251b0
Munkhdemberel Pagamdulam1175135w0207b½262w0217b0239w½253b0257b0259w½258b0
GMMcShane Luke J2640 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0
Jaufarally Nadia1723 74w0172b0191b0 -0 -0 -0 -0
Voiculescu-Holvad Stefan1671122w½102b0178w0207b0187w½267b0 -0 -0 -0
McManus Gordon1470 77w0203b0231w½212b0263b0 -0 -0 -0
Thatte Nandinee1257134b0152b0185w0 -0237w0266b0 -0
Barua Dipli0164b0179w0212b0 -0 -0 -0259b-
Watson Mikey J1737 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0
Matsumara Cocoro1638 -0 -0 -0 -0270b½ -0 -0 -0 -0
GMSethuraman Sp2646 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0
GMBatchuluun Tsegmed2568 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0
GMKiriakov Petr2528 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0
Omovie Ejenavi2089 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0
Deaconu Mihai Ionut1968 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0
Sentissi Yassine1571 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0
Barlov Alex1502130w0149b0157w0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0
Ivlev-Yorke Ignatius0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0
Jaber Yousef0 78b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0
Lobbe Alexander0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0
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