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14th Vasylyshyn Memorial-IM

Last update 07.12.2017 13:28:05, Creator/Last Upload: lviv region cf

Starting rank list of players

6FMPlichta Kamil1141830POL2367
9IMNester Ihor14107600UKR2353
5FMSecheres Adrian-Simion1217445ROU2349
8IMItkis Boris1209167ROU2338
7FMMosesov Danylo14149494UKR2303
4IMGrabinsky Vladimir14107074UKR2226
10Sowul Bartosz1137590POL2222
1Kyrychenko Maryan14137178UKR2190
2WGMKryvoruchko Vita14108917UKR2148
3WGMVovk Anastasiia14110563UKR2141