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DELHI OPEN 2018 Category "A" Cash Prize 27,77,777, IGI Stadium, New Delhi 09-16 January 2018

Last update 16.01.2018 11:13:48, Creator/Last Upload: vasanth bh

Player overview for zim

91Masango Spencer2215ZIM10100½101½5,0125Category A

Results of the last round for zim

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
Masango Spencer2215 ½ - ½ CMKarthik Kumar Pradeep2004

Player details for zim

Masango Spencer 2215 ZIM Rp:2052 Pts. 5,0
1223Sannidhanam Anurag1777AUS4,5s 1
218GMPruijssers Roeland2536NED7,0w 0
3191Joy Pankaj Shah1905IND5,0s 1
424GMDeviatkin Andrei2471RUS7,5w 0
5154Gaikwad Siddhant2009IND6,0s 0
6193AGMSiddharth Jagadeesh1893SGP5,0w ½
7171Sinha Santosh Kumar1962IND4,0s 1
8159Panda Sambit2001IND6,0w 0
9169Lama Surbir1966NEP4,5s 1
10157CMKarthik Kumar Pradeep2004IND5,0w ½