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Stockholm Chess Challenge 2018

Last update 05.05.2018 20:19:49, Creator/Last Upload: stockholms schackförbund

Starting rank

1GMMaiorov Nikita13501720BLR2543
2GMKantans Toms11602945LAT2510
3GMBlomqvist Erik1709437SWE2494
4GMKobo Ori2812320ISR2484
5IMReshef Omer2804336ISR2482
6GMFirat Burak6305881TUR2446
7IMHaria Ravi415820ENG2441
8Gupta Sankalp5097010IND2374
9FMSrinath Rao S.V.5028876IND2363
10IMKaasen Tor Fredrik1516647NOR2354
11FMSeo Jung Min1734687SWE2349
12CMStorme Isak1728113SWE2323
13FMThorn Eric1710729SWE2312
14FMPantzar Milton1721003SWE2295
15WIMKantane Anna1135988POL2266
16FMKucuksari Kaan6380166SWE2251
17Sorensen Hampus8703884SWE2243
18Anand Pranav46626786IND2158
19Crevatin Leo1726307SWE2157
20Jeferli Mohammedali1747479SWE1842
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