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Grand Prix MegaChess la Mega Mall - Etapa a V a - 26 Nov 2017 - U11

Last update 26.11.2017 13:10:01, Creator/Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 48)

Starting rank

1Balaban Nicolae-Adrian4003048ROUU11Clubul Central De Sah Bucurest
2Bostan Raluca-Elena4003312ROUwU09Cs Oxygen Bucuresti
3Cernitu Stefan4002826ROUU09Cs Oxygen Bucuresti
4Constantin Eduard Andrei0ROUU09
5Corduneanu Alexandru0ROUU11Cs Oxygen Bucuresti
6Cornea Adina-Elena4003275ROUwU09Cs Oxygen Bucuresti
7Dada Andrei0ROUU11Cs Oxygen Bucuresti
8Dorodici Martin-Alexandru4003232ROUU11Cs Oxygen Bucuresti
9Florea Eduard Dumitru0ROUU09Cs Oxygen Bucuresti
10Gagea Andrei0ROUU09Cs Oxygen Bucuresti
11Hirleata Alexandru-Marian4002913ROUU09Clubul Central De Sah Bucurest
12Iordache Rares-Mihail4003473ROUU09Cs Oxygen Bucuresti
13Iorgulescu Andrei0ROUU09
14Jinga Maria0ROUwU09
15Luca Cristiana Catinca0ROUwU09
16Lungu Iosif-David-Laurentiu4003308ROUU11Cs Oxygen Bucuresti
17Marcu Pavel-Alexandru4310751ROUU11Css Nr. 2 Bucuresti
18Masar Dragos-Valentin4002500ROUU11Sport Club Juventus Bucuresti
19Mircea Stefan Bogdan0ROUU11
20Moldovanu Raluca4002812ROUwU11Cs Oxygen Bucuresti
21Nacu Cristian4003107ROUU09Css Nr. 2 Bucuresti
22Nacu Mihai4002379ROUU11Css Nr. 2 Bucuresti
23Orasanu Andrei4002798ROUU09Cs Universitar De Sah Bucurest
24Paun Robert-Luca4002605ROUU11Cs Alcor Bucuresti
25Popescu Cristian Calin0ROUU11
26Popescu Robert`0ROUU11Cs Oxygen Bucuresti
27Postelnicescu-Petu Alexandru Gabriel0ROUU11
28Serban Maria Cristina0ROUwU09Cs Oxygen Bucuresti
29Sirbu Erica-Ioana4003007ROUwU11Cs Oxygen Bucuresti
30Sirbu Nicolae4003000ROUU11Clubul Central De Sah Bucurest
31Spiru Stefan Iustin0ROUU11
32Stanciu Calin-Andrei4003280ROUU11Cs Oxygen Bucuresti
33Stefaniu Irina-Maria4003276ROUwU09Cs Oxygen Bucuresti
34Vizitiu Andrei0ROUU11