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57. Kadetsko Nisa 2017 Grupa M16-20, 18-19.11.2017

Last update 19.11.2017 13:13:35, Creator/Last Upload: ia boban milojevic

Starting rank list of players

1Krstic Andrija Marko958794SRB2074S.Markovic
2Stanojevic Ilija959995SRB2012S.Markovic
3Petrovic Nemanja949965SRB1688M.Stanimirovic
4Petrovic Dusan955361SRB1661S.Markovic
5Djordjevic Luka964050SRB1579S.Markovic
6Nedeljkovic Mladen972304SRB1476D.Radovic
7Arizanovic Jovan992216SRB0S.Markovic