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Hull Rapid Play 2017 - MAJOR

Last update 12.11.2017 17:12:01, Creator/Last Upload: sgreep

Starting rank

1Cooper JohnENG199
2Burnett JimENG195
3Davis JimENG185
4Turner TimENG179
5Gardiner EricENG175
6Kendall PaulENG173
7Thackray JohnENG171
8Stephenson DaveENG169
9Georgiou DenisENG164
10Tamas SzilardENG157
11Crow SteveENG154
12Dukalevs OlegENG147
13Hackett ThomasENG141
14Stothard DavidENG139
15Miklevicz JimENG136
16Ther MateENG135