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Individual Championship N.O.Kalamata - Group C

Last update 07.01.2018 21:28:45, Creator/Last Upload: greek chess federation


Round 1 on 2017/11/12
111088Dragonas Georgios Panagiotis1 - 0Vekkos Christos08
22853Pantelopoulou Despoina1 - 0Pantelopoulou Eleni Ioanna07
330Athanasopoulou Andriana Eft1 - 0Dikaios Angelos06
440Athanasopoulos Ilias1 - 0Cheilas Ioannis05
Round 2 on 2017/11/19
180Vekkos Christos1 - 0Cheilas Ioannis05
260Dikaios Angelos0 - 1Athanasopoulos Ilias04
370Pantelopoulou Eleni Ioanna0 - 1Athanasopoulou Andriana Eft03
411088Dragonas Georgios Panagiotis½ - ½Pantelopoulou Despoina8532
Round 3 on 2017/11/26
12853Pantelopoulou Despoina0 - 1Vekkos Christos08
230Athanasopoulou Andriana Eft0 - 1Dragonas Georgios Panagiotis10881
340Athanasopoulos Ilias1 - 0Pantelopoulou Eleni Ioanna07
450Cheilas Ioannis0 - 1Dikaios Angelos06
Round 4 on 2017/12/03
180Vekkos Christos1 - 0Dikaios Angelos06
270Pantelopoulou Eleni Ioanna1 - 0Cheilas Ioannis05
311088Dragonas Georgios Panagiotis0 - 1Athanasopoulos Ilias04
42853Pantelopoulou Despoina1 - 0Athanasopoulou Andriana Eft03
Round 5 on 2017/12/10
130Athanasopoulou Andriana Eft0 - 1Vekkos Christos08
240Athanasopoulos Ilias0 - 1Pantelopoulou Despoina8532
350Cheilas Ioannis0 - 1Dragonas Georgios Panagiotis10881
460Dikaios Angelos0 - 1Pantelopoulou Eleni Ioanna07
Round 6 on 2017/12/17
180Vekkos Christos1 - 0Pantelopoulou Eleni Ioanna07
211088Dragonas Georgios Panagiotis1 - 0Dikaios Angelos06
32853Pantelopoulou Despoina1 - 0Cheilas Ioannis05
430Athanasopoulou Andriana Eft0 - 1Athanasopoulos Ilias04
Round 7 on 2018/01/07
140Athanasopoulos Ilias1 - 0Vekkos Christos08
250Cheilas Ioannis1 - 0Athanasopoulou Andriana Eft03
360Dikaios Angelos0 - 1Pantelopoulou Despoina8532
470Pantelopoulou Eleni Ioanna0 - 1Dragonas Georgios Panagiotis10881