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ECDA - Individual Championships 2017 - Premier

Last update 07.11.2017 22:20:40, Creator/Last Upload: lara barnes ia

Starting rank

1Martin Lewis410551ENG1984ncl Brown Jack
2Gardner Phillip K413690ENG161Letchworth & Hitchin
3Dunlop Neil J417599ENG155Watford
4Guy David T1800337WLS152English Deaf Ca
5Dwek Ilan G413950ENG143Newbury
6Burnett Robert2402700SCO135English Deaf Ca
7Berridge Martin449180ENG127Stourbridge
8Ajimal Jet455202ENG125Sutton Coldfield
9Freund Michael P424900ENG125English Deaf Ca
10MacLeod Alasdair413968ENG154English Deaf Ca