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Vidzemes Seniors Nr.8 04.11.2017

Last update 04.11.2017 15:48:54, Creator/Last Upload: savieniba

Starting rank

1Saksis Juris S60LAT2188Limbaži
2Aivars Šakins S60LAT2102Limbaži
3Kantoris Agris S50LAT2100Limbaži
4Zaklauskis Mintauts S80LAT1977Cēsis
5Duzdinskis Vsevolods S70LAT1972Valka
6Senkāns Antons S70LAT1969Valmiera
7Markus Viktors S70LAT1950Valmiera
8Plītnieks Jānis S70LAT1947Limbaži
9Hemmelis Viesturs S70LAT1944Valmiera
10Ansis Vidriķis S70LAT1943Valmiera
11Benders Ervīns S60LAT1938Valmiera
12Meijers Jānis S50LAT1937Limbaži
13Muškajs Boriss S60LAT1935Allaži
14Lavrovs Valdis S50LAT1933Valmiera
15Tamanis Anzelms S80LAT1932Valmiera
16Muižarājs Uldis S70LAT1928Valka
17Zeltiņš Pēteris S80LAT1910Limbaži
18Elmārs Gulbis S80LAT1908Kocēni
19Magone Andris S70LAT1905Valmeira
20Jevgenija Briede S70LAT1895Valka
21Puriņš Mārtiņš S80LAT1850Valmiera