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ESCOLA IPSI - DIMARTS 4t-6è - CURS 2017-2018

Last update 13.03.2018 01:03:34, Creator/Last Upload: xavila

Starting rank list of players

1Osanz Nofuentes MartíESP1250
2Sayós Martín, HectorESP1250
4Torras Cabot NilESP1250
7Domènech Giralt VíctorESP1200
3Fabra Burrel ClaraESP1150
5González Peitx MaxESP1150
8Lozano Valiente GerardESP1150
10Lozano Valiente MarcESP1150
11Marron Riera ArnauESP1150
6Roca Raccagni EmmaESP1150
9Tarragó Teruel OriolESP1150