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Makerere 2017 Interhall Chess Championship-Ladies

Last update 29.10.2017 13:25:49, Creator/Last Upload: ugandachess

Starting rank

1Achayo Patricia PatienceUGA0CCE
2Amutuheire MelodyUGA0Africa
3Ankunda GenevivieUGA0CCE
4Ankunda patienceUGA0Africa
5Kyolaba Nabacwa AllenUGA0Marystuart
6Nalukwago JudithUGA0Marystuart
7Ikou Hellen RoseUGA0Marystuart
8Kamakune StellaUGA0CCE
9Kihembo SarahUGA0Marystuart
10Namaganda VivianUGA0CCE
11Nassanga SamalieUGA0Africa
12Nassimbwa PatienceUGA0CCE
13Natunga BrendahUGA0Africa
14Niyonshuti JulianUGA0Marystuart
15Naigabula RebeccaUGA0Africa