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SK Cobenzl - Klubmeisterschaft 2018

Last update 21.06.2018 09:56:07, Creator/Last Upload: harald eggenberger

Starting rank

1Berger GüntherAUT1803Sk Cobenzl Wien
2Kurz DietrichAUT1662Sk Cobenzl Wien
3Dragnev Lubomir1634844AUT1706Sk Cobenzl Wien
4Waldhauser Günter1642944AUT1624Sk Cobenzl Wien
5Ram FlorianAUT1633Sk Cobenzl Wien
6Rummel KlausAUT1538Sk Cobenzl Wien
7Weghofer HeinrichAUT1605Sk Cobenzl Wien
8Talab AminAUT1550Sk Cobenzl Wien
9Ernst Günter1635220AUT1515Sk Cobenzl Wien
10Germann BenjaminAUT1629Sk Cobenzl Wien
11Eslami Zad IradjAUT1450Sk Cobenzl Wien
12Wendlinger HermannAUT1271Sk Cobenzl Wien
13Gillmann FranzAUT1178Sk Cobenzl Wien
14Zimmel PhilipAUT1000Sk Cobenzl Wien