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ACF Cup in the memory of M. Botvinnik

Last update 08.11.2017 10:53:24, Creator/Last Upload: alexander_bakh

Starting rank list of players

11FMSuleymanli Aydin13413937AZE2353
5FMKacharava Nikolozi13611860GEO2332
9FMSchitco Ivan13905465MDA2297
3FMYeritsyan Aram34161047RUS2293
6Barseghyan Armen Ar.13306707ARM2210
4FMNurmamedov Azat14003937TKM2189
8Papunidi Matvey13510770BLR2036
2Barmagambetov Meyrzhan13721593KAZ1998
7Boltaev Sardor14211017UZB1840
1Tynybekov Bakyt13803360KGZ1546
10Sharifov Mekhriddin14701545TJK1518
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