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Deca Challenge III Finale - Beginners

Last update 21.10.2017 19:15:53, Creator/Last Upload: rukhmania

Starting rank

1Alakhramsing AmberSUR2000SCW
2Dwarka AmitSUR2000Chess 4 Talents
3Gadjoe SameerSUR2000Rukhmania
4Sowikromo IanSUR2000Rukhmania
5Tang RockySUR2000FFM
6Valies SushmitaSUR2000Rukhmania
7Baldan VayshnaviSUR1000Chess 4 Talents
8Balesar PavanSUR1000FFM
9Bhagwanbali ShushmitaSUR1000Rukhmania
10Kemp CheromySUR1000FFM
11Nanda SurajSUR1000FFM
12Raghoenath AryanSUR1000SCW
13Ramautarsing YashveerSUR1000FFM
14Ramgoelam IshaanSUR1000Rukhmania
15Ramlal GyanSUR1000Rukhmania
16Soekhram ShanielSUR1000SCW
17Wu EliseSUR1000Chess 4 Talents
18Wu TerenceSUR1000Chess 4 Talents
19Ye TimothySUR1000FFM
20Yeung AimeeSUR1000Rukhmania