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Deca Challenge III Finale - Intermediate

Last update 21.10.2017 19:22:50, Creator/Last Upload: rukhmania

Starting rank

1Changoer DeanSUR2000FFM
2Dhawtal AlokSUR2000FFM
3Dwarka ShivamSUR2000Chess 4 Talents
4Gangadin DiyantSUR2000Chess 4 Talents
5Joseph DemiSUR2000SCW
6Kemp JonathanSUR2000FFM
7Koebeer ShanilSUR2000Rukhmania
8Kromosemito EvanSUR2000SCW
9Molijn LucarcioSUR2000SCW
10Pancham HarshSUR2000Chess 4 Talents
11Radja NishantSUR2000Chess 4 Talents
12Ramlal ShreyasSUR2000Rukhmania
13Sital ShawnSUR2000SCW
14Tedjoe MayurSUR2000Chess 4 Talents
15Gadjdoe SaagarSUR1000Rukhmania
16Gangadin JyaistaSUR1000Chess 4 Talents
17Jong A Lock LucasSUR1000FFM
18Raghoenath AkshaySUR1000SCW
19Ten Berge Ri-JoelSUR1000SCW
20Warsodikromo QuincySUR1000SCW