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Krajský přebor mládeže v rapid šachu 2010 Ústeckého šachového svazu Kategorie H8, D8, H10, D10

Last update 27.02.2010 22:04:40, Creator/Last Upload: chess federation of the czech republic

Final Ranking after 7 Rounds

Rk.SNoNameGrRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
11Vykouk JanH101631Ddm Most7,023,031,528,0
23Jirek JiriH101250Sk Spartak Usti N.L.5,523,033,022,5
32Brejnik GustavH101250Klub sachistu Steti5,520,530,521,5
46Zahradnik AlesH101250Sachy Povrly5,019,028,019,0
55Pham RomanH101250Ddm Most4,520,528,522,5
623Pavelka Hubert JanH101000Sk Spartak Usti N.L.4,518,026,516,5
74Pech DavidH101250Sachy Povrly4,021,531,519,5
810Koci VitH81100Ddm Most4,019,527,017,0
99Kalinova EliskaD101100Sk Spartak Usti N.L.4,018,526,017,5
1012Mrisova EliskaD101100TJ Slavoj Litomerice4,018,024,517,5
1114Schick MatyasH101100Sachy Povrly4,017,525,514,5
1226Vejrazka KrystofH101000Klub sachistu Steti4,017,023,015,0
1315Skuthan RadekH81100Ddm Most3,519,527,014,5
1417Balin DanielH81000Sk Spartak Usti N.L.3,513,518,511,0
1513Piskac MarekH101100TJ Glaverbel Czech Teplice3,019,025,013,0
1611Masek MartinH101100TJ Glaverbel Czech Teplice3,018,527,012,0
1724Polansky Adam LubosH81000Ddm Most3,016,523,012,5
187Borl AdamH81100Ddm Most3,016,022,512,0
1916Wimmer VojtechH101100Sachy Povrly3,014,521,09,0
208Fojtik JiriH101100Ddm Most3,014,022,010,0
2119Holmajer TomasH81000Ddm Most3,014,020,09,0
2225Sykora JakubH101000TJ Glaverbel Czech Teplice2,016,022,011,0
2322Lukas PavelH101000DDM Most2,015,020,09,0
2418Devera MartinH81000Klub sachistu Steti1,013,018,55,0
2520Karlikova JirinaD101000TJ Glaverbel Czech Teplice1,013,017,52,0
2621Kohoutova Anna NatalieD81000Ddm Most1,012,517,53,0

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Fide Tie-Break

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