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2017 Witney Congress Under 120

Last update 22.10.2017 18:00:32, Creator/Last Upload: alexholowczak

Starting rank

1Bristow Paul W119None
2Stock William119Hastings
3Schroeder Marek As118Birmingham
4Walker Roger W117Belper
5Harris John B115Forest Of Dean
6Aubury Ben114Sutton Courtenay
7Allen Timothy S112Battersea
8Owen Philip112Chippenham
9Davies Paul111Stratford Upon Avon
10Cluley Graham110Cumnor
11Brooke Ian R107Oxford City
12Matilal Tamal K107Cowley Workers
13Hauwaert Jacques106Bicester
14Headlong Georgia105Brown Jack
15Goldsmith Jennifer104Harrow
16Asquith Julian P98None
17Hodges John L98Solihull
18Murawski Pawel96Oxfordshire Juniors
19Walsh Shaun94Downend & Fishponds
20Ennis Stephen93Cowley
21Zhu Feng90Maidenhead
22Parnes Shira89Witney
23Ashraf Zoha88Brookfield
24Buxton Richard86Stratford-Upon-Avon
25Shearsby Jude86Coventry Chess Academy
26Campling Michael78Banbury
27Cordon Ray78Wantage
28Sikaria Om78Brookfield
29Mellor Jessica74Hindhead
30Partridge Tim R73Witney
31Kardashyan David72
32Murawski Jan55Oxfordshire Juniors
33Kardashyan George47
34Hidouci Naila41Brookfield
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