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2017 Witney Congress Under 145

Last update 22.10.2017 18:26:25, Creator/Last Upload: alexholowczak

Starting rank

1Searle Howard Aj144Witney
2Wiltshir Rich144Rushall
3Rush Steven J143None
4Ruffle Alan P141Stafford
5Edwards Derek F140Witney
6Headlong Fenella140Brown Jack
7Williams Stephen140
8Britnell Jonathan138Sussex Juniors
9Jones Timothy M137Cabot
10Langham Rod E1374ncl Oxford
11Lim Yu-Chin (peter)137None
12Headlong Benjamin136Brown Jack
13Read William (bill)136Witney
14Asbury Jon A135Halesowen
15Carter John P135Newbury
16Fowler David J134None
17Hauer Marianne134Witney
18Macarthur Duncan M134Keynsham
19Miller Max C134Northampton
20Gilbert David J133Dhss
21Rixon Tom J129None
22Sartain Patrick P125Harrow
23Morris Nigel W123Leamington
24Zakarian Dimitrios Levon116Oxfordshire Juniors
25Bending Peter R112Cheltenham
26Rayner Hugo109Witney
27Winberg Max H98Gerrards Cross
28Zhu Hou Ning92Maidenhead Junior
29Griffiths Tom70Witney
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