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9. Pfalz-Open 2018 A-Turnier

Last update 13.02.2018 19:23:37, Creator/Last Upload: gjo

Player overview for arm

28FMParvanyan Ashot23702300ARM11½1½½0½16,019A-Turnier

Results of the last round for arm

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
Bethke Richard21485 0 - 15 FMParvanyan Ashot2370

Player details for arm

FM Parvanyan Ashot 2370 ARM Rp:2464 Pts. 6,0
1138Tafertshofer Matthias20452072GER5,0w 1
296Pajeken Jakob Leon21372134GER4,5s 1
33GMSadzikowski Daniel25842618POL6,5w ½
471Fichter Fabian21842168GER4,5s 1
51GMBerkes Ferenc26690HUN7,0w ½
610GMNestorovic Nikola25042496SRB6,0w ½
76GMIvanisevic Ivan25732587SRB7,0s 0
864Goldschmidt Christian22092134GER5,0w ½
992Bethke Richard21482126GER5,0s 1
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