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Last update 10.04.2018 21:21:26, Creator/Last Upload: hr. robert spitzl

Starting rank

1Androsch Guenther DI.1613111AUT1765Sc Ottensheim
2Stallmann Andreas1636472AUT1757Sc Ottensheim
3Hoechtel Harald1636359AUT1743Sc Ottensheim
4Seher Karl-Heinz Dr.DI.1614363AUT1671Sc Ottensheim
5Schramboeck Horst1636456AUT1648Sc Ottensheim
6Kaltenbach Wilhelm1651536AUT1638Sc Ottensheim
7Wolfschütz Wilfried Dr.AUT1557Sc Ottensheim
8Spitzl Robert1611070AUT1492Sc Ottensheim
9Weber Karl1642430AUT1398Sc Ottensheim
10Steinkellner Franz1650947AUT1388Sc Ottensheim
11Straub Guenther1636480AUT1353Sc Ottensheim
12Meindl MarkusAUT1289Sc Ottensheim
13Anzinger AndreasAUT1178Sc Ottensheim
14Lettner JuliusAUT0Sc Ottensheim