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SOP Blitz & Rapid 2017 (2nd Rapid)

Last update 23.10.2017 19:49:56, Creator/Last Upload: greek chess federation

Starting rank

1Papadopoulos Theodoros4255690GRE1905
2Spiliopoulos Alexios4214412GRE1880
3Georgopoulos Giorgos4258070GRE1844
4Kanellis Nikolaos4265637GRE1754
5Hararis Dimitrios4242637GRE1747
6Makridis Efstathios4254279GRE1617
7Alexopoulos Alexandros25806017GRE1607
8Fourfouris Nikolaos4237595GRE1595
9Spathis Nikolaos4259483GRE1574
10Andreou Efstathios-Andreas4250907GRE1507
11Karagiorgis Panagiotis25864335GRE1433
12Panagopoulos Georgios4287347GRE1371
13Papachristopoulos Konstantino25874241GRE1302
14Prapas Hristos25815709GRE1295
15Alexopoulos Georgios25820540GRE1122
16Proskefalas Antonios25805843GRE1040
17Papachristopoulos Georgios25863177GRE0
18Papanikolaou Petros25840681GRE0