2017 Nationale Jeugdkampioenschappen U20

Last update 04.11.2017 20:38:07, Creator/Last Upload: surinaamse schaakbond

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Starting rank crosstable

No.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts.Rk. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Chang Pierre1943SUR 16w1 8b1 6w½ 7b1 3b1 12w½ 11w1 4b1 2w18,010,052,044,50
2Panchoe Pratul1744SUR 17b1 9w1 11b0 14w1 8b0 5w1 7b½ 13w½ 1b05,0100,048,523,00
3Kalidjo Imaan1688SUR 18w1 10b1 14w1 11b1 1w0 6b1 12b½ 5w1 7b½7,021,052,538,25
4Finkie Kelvin1636SUR 19b1 11w0 5b0 23w+ 17w1 16w1 20b1 1w0 8b½5,590,042,522,25
5WFMTjong Tjin Joe Kaithlyn1617SUR 20w1 12b½ 4w1 6b½ 11w½ 2b0 9w1 3b0 17w15,570,049,026,25
6Kalka Shiva1599SUR 21b1 13w1 1b½ 5w½ 20b1 3w0 8b1 12w1 10b17,030,049,536,25
7WFMKaslan Catherine1594SUR 22w1 15b1 12w½ 1w0 16b½ 21b1 2w½ 11b½ 3w½5,560,049,526,50
8Bronne Alessandro1594SUR 23b1 1w0 19b1 15w1 2w1 11b0 6w0 18b1 4w½5,580,046,023,50
9Kaslan Alexandra1583SUR 24w1 2b0 18w1 16b½ 12w0 13w1 5b0 15b0 20w+4,5160,042,017,75
10Bridjlal Krishan1536SUR 25b1 3w0 21b0 29w1 15b0 19w1 16b1 20w1 6w05,0110,041,518,50
11Chashawa Shaief1511SUR 26w+ 4b1 2w1 3w0 5b½ 8w1 1b0 7w½ 13b16,040,048,529,50
12Kaise Oneal1497SUR 27b1 5w½ 7b½ 21w1 9b1 1b½ 3w½ 6b0 15w16,050,048,026,50
13Kartodikromo Virgil1486SUR 28w1 6b0 20w0 24b1 18w1 9b0 21w1 2b½ 11w04,5150,042,018,00
14Sewkaransingh Martin1465SUR 29b1 17w1 3b0 2b0 21w0 22b1 18w0 19w1 28b15,0120,040,519,00
15Josodimedjo Donnel1398SUR 30w+ 7w0 23b1 8b0 10w1 20w0 24b1 9w1 12b05,0130,035,019,50
16Sojo Stephan1384SUR 1b0 25w1 29b1 9w½ 7w½ 4b0 10w0 21b1 18w½4,5140,043,017,00
17WCMKaslan Victoria1346SUR 2w0 14b0 28w1 26b+ 4b0 24b0 25w1 30w1 5b04,0210,032,511,00
18Kalijan Ishwar1329SUR 3b0 26w1 9b0 25w1 13b0 28w1 14b1 8w0 16b½4,5170,039,017,75
19Balaydin Tariq1255SUR 4w0 24b1 8w0 20b0 26w+ 10b0 29w1 14b0 30w14,0200,034,511,50
20De Baas Rafe1243SUR 5b0 27w1 13b1 19w1 6w0 15b1 4w0 10b0 9b-4,0190,042,513,50
21Nazir Justice1166SUR 6w0 28b1 10w1 12b0 14b1 7w0 13b0 16w0 24b14,0180,044,517,00
22Nazir Eden1120SUR 7b0 29w0 26b0 30w1 25b1 14w0 28b0 24w1 27b14,0240,027,57,50
23Bihariesingh Gyan0SUR 8w0 30b1 15w0 4b- 28b0 26w- -0 -0 -01,0290,036,01,50
24Jubithana Anthony0SUR 9b0 19w0 27b1 13w0 29b1 17w1 15w0 22b0 21w03,0250,035,58,50
25Lew Michah0SUR 10w0 16b0 30w1 18b0 22w0 27b1 17b0 28w0 29w02,0270,032,02,50
26Meerzorg Anthony0SUR 11b- 18b0 22w1 17w- 19b- 23b+ -0 -0 -02,0260,037,06,50
27Ristie Raphael0SUR 12w0 20b0 24w0 28b0 30b+ 25w0 30b½ 29b0 22w01,5280,028,02,75
28Ristie Vladimir0SUR 13b0 21w0 17b0 27w1 23w1 18b0 22w1 25b1 14w04,0220,030,510,50
29Sewkaransingh Aryan0SUR 14w0 22b1 16w0 10b0 24w0 30b1 19b0 27w1 25b14,0230,029,58,50
30Yngard Nevil0SUR 15b- 23w0 25b0 22b0 27w- 29w0 27w½ 17b0 19b00,5300,027,00,50

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable