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Hoogeveen Open 2017

Last update 30.10.2017 09:35:43, Creator/Last Upload: fpi

Player overview for ind

14Tania Sachdev2386IND11½½011½16,5724861013,60Open
67Aan Sikka1918IND00110½01½4,04321074083,60Open

Results of the last round for ind

Rd.Bo.No. NameFEDRtgPts. ResultPts. NameFEDRtg No.
Carlstedt JonathanGER2413 0 - 1 Tania SachdevIND2386
De Graaf DickNED2178 ½ - ½ Aan SikkaIND1918

Player details for ind

IM Tania Sachdev 2386 IND Rp:2486 Pts. 6,5
151Van Der Veen Jan2058NED3,5s 10,870,13101,30
257Nicolai Amir2019NED4,5w 10,900,10101,00
35Kollars Dmitrij2498GER5,5s ½0,350,15101,50
429Van Dael Siem2286NED5,0w ½0,64-0,1410-1,40
53Ernst Sipke2548NED6,5s 00,29-0,2910-2,90
633Klapwijk Bram2211NED5,0w 10,730,27102,70
724De Boer Eelke2301NED5,0s 10,620,38103,80
81Kuljasevic Davorin2549CRO6,5w ½0,280,22102,20
911Carlstedt Jonathan2413GER5,5s 10,460,54105,40
Aan Sikka 1918 IND Rp:2107 Pts. 4,0
130Strating Sybolt2262NED4,0w 00,12-0,1240-4,80
244Molenaar Christiaan2112NED4,5s 00,25-0,2540-10,00
341Mellema Andries2164NED3,0s 10,190,814032,40
449Fehr Axel2081GER1,5w 10,280,724028,80
533Klapwijk Bram2211NED5,0s 00,15-0,1540-6,00
642Vroombout Enrico2133NED4,0w ½0,230,274010,80
743De Boer Bas2120NED5,0s 00,24-0,2440-9,60
846Schulze Lara2091GER3,5w 10,270,734029,20
939De Graaf Dick2178NED4,0s ½0,180,324012,80
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