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2017 Aurora Fall Open - U900

Last update 17.10.2017 05:12:05, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 5)

Starting rank

1Joshi Adit164973CAN892
2Pugach Daniel163100CAN858
3Lai Jett161204CAN839
4Chi Sarah161072CAN799
5Ruchinskaya Valerie161874CAN767
6Guo Andrew161199CAN757
7Yang Lefan163151CAN751
8Wang Xiuqi (arthur)162689CAN731
9Wu Vivian162741CAN723
10Kaur Anaahad162019CAN722
11Ting Zach163171CAN713
12Zuo Roger164626CAN708
13Mahdi Ayah159863CAN704
14Glinnyi Danylo161979CAN649
15Pustina Patrick163927CAN615
16Fang Hanning160001CAN576
17Guo Anni163250CAN528
18Liao Jocelyn160663CAN506
19Inozemtseva Milana163516CAN375
20Semianiuk Catherine160930CAN361
21Arnold Devin0CAN0
22Chinniah Suseela163361CAN0
23Eagles Dylan165185CAN0
24Guan Zijunmarie164627CAN0
25Ji Sherwin164628CAN0
26Kelkar Ishaan163340CAN0
27Lin Brenton163730CAN0
28Stroganov Valery165215CAN0
29Thorne Ted164317CAN0
30Yang Lucy164595CAN0