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2017 Aurora Fall Open - U1300

Last update 17.10.2017 05:10:38, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 5)

Starting rank

1Lin Ethan161997CAN1294
2Archibald Colin B.103766CAN1290
3Khakimov Karim159618CAN1282
4Xu William150199CAN1280
5Dong Yiwei160373CAN1237
6Wang David (ziye)161556CAN1232
7Huang Richard160396CAN1223
8Shapiro Idan156604CAN1222
9Yuan Daniel156762CAN1196
10Stroganov Victor165065CAN1193
11Sosedov Denis163728CAN1180
12Dhanoa Jeeven163843CAN1178
13Gao Lucy161206CAN1177
14Gauthier David164946CAN1176
15Chakkoli Anirud161732CAN1166
16Yuan Hao Chao (henry)161707CAN1163
17Lin Gaby161992CAN1150
18Khakimov Amon160889CAN1146
19Xu Alex163378CAN1139
20Chen Andrew160054CAN1128
21Hickson Michael135211CAN1128
22Surya Dania161403CAN1118
23Wang Zhixing (daniel)159609CAN1106
24Qiu James158784CAN1103
25Wright Eric157944CAN1102
26Moscatel Januario162691CAN1070
27Zhuang Jin Rong (winnie)162007CAN1056
28Noritsyn Ivan155008CAN1053
29Pishdad M. Hassan146931CAN1051
30Gerber Jerry160103CAN995
31Wang An Cheng158684CAN992
32Wang Yinan161574CAN986
33Dey Jai163844CAN959
34Liao Jodie158747CAN959
35Xu Xinge158788CAN959
36Mane Arnav160927CAN926
37Zhu Ricky164016CAN918
38Chen Alina161622CAN917
39Hay John162669CAN909