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Crewe Congress: Minor

Last update 15.10.2017 18:30:30, Creator/Last Upload: mattcarr2700

Starting rank

1Dehghan-Afifi Sajjad305128ENG104Sale
2Lovegrove David Charles253891ENG104Newport (shropshire)
3Taylor Paul A304276ENG102Holywell
4Hodges John L137666USA98Solihull
5Broderick Paul G136890ENG97Newport (shropshire)
6Bonner Dennis M304459ENG95Telepost (shrewsbury)
7Hughes Peter J270857ENG95Mutual Circle
8Kelly Alan299270ENG95Wallasey
9Jackson Gary301135ENG93Chorlton-Cum-Hardy
10Carter Andy S275648ENG90Red Admiral
11Wright Philip311062ENG90Crewe
12Gardiner Colin J111052ENG89Barnstaple
13Munro Paul F105363ENG85Coventry *
14Lovatt Amy310449ENG83Crewe
15Riddle Alan281801ENG82Limewood & Scarcroft
16Hamilton Stuart262830ENG78Rhyl & Prestatyn
17Saram Nethuli Dunindee302131ENG77Dawpool School
18Jones Brian296617ENG76Holywell
19Faye Steve288581ENG71Mutual Circle
20Gardner Nigel308206ENG70Crewe
21Gardiner Rebecca Lg296558ENG69Barnstaple
22Martin Richard G223151ENG62Alsager
23Curr Patrick V176212ENG60Macclesfield
24Knight Terry299113ENG56Derby
25Gaedke Otto0ENG53Frankfurt
26Ayres Martin299769ENG48Telepost (shrewsbury)
27Renshaw Angie231065ENG46Macclesfield
28Gardiner Harry309794ENG31Crewe
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