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Crewe Congress: Major

Last update 15.10.2017 18:34:35, Creator/Last Upload: mattcarr2700

Final Ranking after 5 Rounds

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/City TB1 
18Clegg RobertENG156Huddersfield4,5
210Harris Martyn JENG155Newcastle-Under-Lyme4,0
17Rathbone-Jones IfanWLS145Buckley/Mold4,0
49Potter StevenENG156St Helens3,5
12Gillespie Gary DSCO150Rolls Royce Derby3,5
16Lloyd Stephen MENG146Chester3,5
76Davies SamENG157Southport *3,0
14Connor Michael IENG147Great Lever3,0
15Hall David GSCO147Scotland3,0
28Lee Michael AENG130Colwyn Bay3,0
111Mcdonnell James JIRL164Streatham2,5
4Vassiliou ChrisCYP161Chorlton-Cum-Hardy2,5
18Stephens Robert WENG145Manningtree2,5
23Layhe NevilleENG137Crewe2,5
24Willow Hambel MENG136West Nottingham2,5
25Bamford PaulENG135East Cheshire2,5
27Szwajkun RichardENG133Telford2,5
182Laurence GeoffENG162Macclesfield2,0
3Tello YasserENG162Wimbledon2,0
7Lockett Karl JENG157Crewe2,0
13Royal ShreyasENG150Kent Junior Congresses2,0
20Wiltshir RichENG144Rushall2,0
21Blackburn Jon EwENG141Cheddleton & Leek2,0
2411Clucas Reg PENG154Altrincham & Hale1,5
255Goodfellow Russell RENG159Tunbridge Wells1,0
26Soar Timothy JENG134Colwyn Bay1,0
2719Moan Francis EENG144Great Lever0,5
2822Williams RayENG140Chester0,0

Tie Break1: points (game-points)

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