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Crewe Congress: Major

Last update 15.10.2017 18:34:35, Creator/Last Upload: mattcarr2700

Starting rank

1Mcdonnell James J115269IRL164Streatham
2Laurence Geoff114116ENG162Macclesfield
3Tello Yasser120211ENG162Wimbledon
4Vassiliou Chris120826CYP161Chorlton-Cum-Hardy
5Goodfellow Russell R111388ENG159Tunbridge Wells
6Davies Sam289559ENG157Southport *
7Lockett Karl J129503ENG157Crewe
8Clegg Robert230106ENG156Huddersfield
9Potter Steven223757ENG156St Helens
10Harris Martyn J112178ENG155Newcastle-Under-Lyme
11Clucas Reg P285908ENG154Altrincham & Hale
12Gillespie Gary D273261SCO150Rolls Royce Derby
13Royal Shreyas300121ENG150Kent Junior Congresses
14Connor Michael I108722ENG147Great Lever
15Hall David G162936SCO147Scotland
16Lloyd Stephen M156824ENG146Chester
17Rathbone-Jones Ifan290686WLS145Buckley/Mold
18Stephens Robert W128639ENG145Manningtree
19Moan Francis E130379ENG144Great Lever
20Wiltshir Rich300350ENG144Rushall
21Blackburn Jon Ew178103ENG141Cheddleton & Leek
22Williams Ray121756ENG140Chester
23Layhe Neville114167ENG137Crewe
24Willow Hambel M284548ENG136West Nottingham
25Bamford Paul180149ENG135East Cheshire
26Soar Timothy J119409ENG134Colwyn Bay
27Szwajkun Richard264471ENG133Telford
28Lee Michael A223150ENG130Colwyn Bay
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