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Crewe Congress: Open

Last update 15.10.2017 18:30:19, Creator/Last Upload: mattcarr2700

Final Ranking after 5 Rounds

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/City TB1 
11Clarke Stuart WcENG2094ncl 3cs4,0
2Blackburn Jonathan LbWLS200Holmes Chapel4,0
34Willow Jonah BENG200West Nottingham3,5
7Rayner FrancisWLS192Hastings & St Leonards3,5
53Jaunooby Ali RezaENG200Denton3,0
11Bimpson TomENG181Atticus3,0
16Newton Robert AENG177Rochdale3,0
20Whitehead Mark AENG170Rochdale3,0
21Hilton TimENG169Denton3,0
105Surtees Mike JENG197Great Lever2,5
13Bryant Richard BeENG178Oswestry2,5
15Boswell Jacob ConnorENG177Cheddleton & Leek2,5
17De Coverly Roger DENG176Bourne End2,5
24Rahulan ThivyaaENG146Newcastle-Under-Lyme2,5
156Hynes Am (tony)ENG1964ncl Warwicks.Select2,0
8Carroll ThomasENG190Hoylake2,0
9Whitfield Craig MENG188Cheddleton & Leek2,0
10Schmitt-Gaedke GernotENG184Frankfurt2,0
19Darwen DavidENG1703cs2,0
2018Ansari AtharENG170Newport (shropshire)1,5
22Burns Martin JENG166Stockport1,5
23Hughes PeterENG163Calderdale1,5
2314Taylor Robert KENG178Syston1,0
2412Doran ChrisENG179Chester0,0

Tie Break1: points (game-points)