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Crewe Congress: Open

Last update 15.10.2017 18:30:19, Creator/Last Upload: mattcarr2700

Starting rank

1Clarke Stuart Wc108455ENG2094ncl 3cs
2Blackburn Jonathan Lb160594WLS200Holmes Chapel
3Jaunooby Ali Reza241589ENG200Denton
4Willow Jonah B283303ENG200West Nottingham
5Surtees Mike J119904ENG197Great Lever
6Hynes Am (tony)113334ENG1964ncl Warwicks.Select
7Rayner Francis117703WLS192Hastings & St Leonards
8Carroll Thomas295018ENG190Hoylake
9Whitfield Craig M240308ENG188Cheddleton & Leek
10Schmitt-Gaedke Gernot0ENG184Frankfurt
11Bimpson Tom106747ENG181Atticus
12Doran Chris155319ENG179Chester
13Bryant Richard Be107574ENG178Oswestry
14Taylor Robert K120174ENG178Syston
15Boswell Jacob Connor277163ENG177Cheddleton & Leek
16Newton Robert A125474ENG177Rochdale
17De Coverly Roger D109494ENG176Bourne End
18Ansari Athar264465ENG170Newport (shropshire)
19Darwen David109323ENG1703cs
20Whitehead Mark A104852ENG170Rochdale
21Hilton Tim282176ENG169Denton
22Burns Martin J181426ENG166Stockport
23Hughes Peter258818ENG163Calderdale
24Rahulan Thivyaa291209ENG146Newcastle-Under-Lyme
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