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Richmond Rapidplays 116 U160 Section

Last update 20.10.2017 23:05:29, Creator/Last Upload: paul_mck

Starting rank

1Goler Gunes432075ENG1811
2Drennan William B424897ENG1699
3Zupan Leo Alexander453951ENG1584
4Buanne Fabio2808264ITA1505
5Low Sampson E D453960ENG1480
6Jiang Anthony Yazhou451592ENG1477
7Fear Logan452998ENG1474
8Stoyanov Boris456462ENG1395
9Thatte Nandinee64300625ENG1131
10Macleod Andrew452599ENG1048
11Di Conno Carmine458228ENG120
12Buanne Luca460133ENG116