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Richmond Rapidplays 116 Open Section

Last update 20.10.2017 23:08:22, Creator/Last Upload: paul_mck

Starting rank

1IMBuckley Graeme N402265ENG2330
2FMRadovanovic Jovica915912SRB2229
3FMClaridge-Hansen William422509ENG2110
4Haldane Robin W408875ENG2049
5Tambini Jasper418030ENG2048
6Stoyanov Viktor450308ENG1952
7Thynne Trefor F419893ENG1921
8Stern Robert C439983ENG1840
9Shepherd David412023ENG1836
10Shepherd Katherine M412031ENG1832
11Hayward Alan415936ENG1824
12Zhao Haolin428680ENG1544
13Hammond Benjamin452696ENG1472
14Thatte Nishchal447234ENG1254
15IMBasman Michael J400505ENG2181