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Last update 11.10.2017 11:04:38, Creator/Last Upload: mr. siavash javaheri

Starting rank

1Abdel Fattah Mansour10605568EGY2037
2Abdilkhair Abilmansur13716417KAZ2009
3Abdylhayr Abylmansur13714520KAZ1782
4Amer Mansee Mohammed4808762IRQ1767
5El Zoghlami Mehdi632660FRA1511
6Alemansour Parsa22582436IRI1309
7Abdel Azim Mansoor12204382SUD0
8Abdi Mansour42543312IRI0
9Abeldinov Mansur13722573KAZ0
10Ale Mansour Parsa22579842IRI0
11Almansa Jimenez Antonio32050950ESP0
12Alzawifry Mansour21510709KSA0
13El Zoghlami Mohamed20622228FRA0
14Manar Akram Ghlam4810570IRQ0