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Torneio de Xadrez Rapido Caíssa 3a. Etapa Circuito Fesmax

Last update 28.10.2017 01:01:28, Creator/Last Upload: caissa eventos

Starting rank

1Fedrizzi Roberto Senatore500019BRA1996Campo Grande/Ms
2De Arruda Filho Nivaldo Jesus500431BRA1966Dourados/Ms
3Oshiro Edson500385BRA1936Campo Grande/Ms
4Davalos Danny Ramirez500018BRA1917Campo Grande/Ms
5de Moura Fernando Alves500331BRA1883Campo Grande/Ms
6Akamine Carlos Alberto500444BRA1855Campo Grande/Ms
7Albuquerque Eliseu Willians Kr500457BRA1817Campo Grande/Ms
8Pereira Guilherme Leite500381BRA1808Campo Grande/Ms
9Jabour Rodrigo Vila500417BRA1707Campo Grande/Ms
10Alves Wesley Presley Monteiro500663BRA1800Campo Grande/Ms
11Arakaki Lucas Oshiro500671BRA1800Campo Grande/Ms
12Fernandes Ceveriano500587BRA1800Campo Grande/Ms
13da Silva Marcos Antonio Paixao500695BRA1800Campo Grande/Ms
14Kavano Erick Yuji Sunagawa500697BRA1800Campo Grande/Ms